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by Editorial Team on 22 August 2014

 Travel magazine subscriptions

There are so many things to consider before booking a holiday. Are you travelling alone or with family or friends? What budget do you have? What do you want to see? The list goes on.

But there are a wealth of magazines out there to help. In fact, there are almost too many to choose from. So, let us lend a helping hand and guide you through the glossy photos and insightful articles of the best travel mags on offer.

Lonely Planet magazine

Lonely Planet Magazine Subscription

When it comes to solitary travel, backpackers, hostel aficionados or simply people looking to find themselves, there is just one port of call:Lonely Planet.

This magazine has it all for the lonely traveller, from how to get around your chosen destination, to handy advice on planning for the unexpected. There is also usually a rundown of how to stick to a budget, as well as all manner of tips on avoiding those who would hoodwink, haggle or just plain rip you off.
Sunday Times Travel Magazine Subscription

The Sunday Times Travel magazine

Part of the UK’s most respected paper, it is easy to see why people have so much confidence in this magazine. Most readers come back time and again for more advice on suitable travel destinations.

Glossy prints are included every week, but the strength of this magazine is its versatility. Rather than catering for one need, all tastes are accounted for here. Whether it’s a Mediterranean cruise, a back-packing holiday to Nepal or a credit card visit to Dubai, your desires are included. So pick this up if you want a break but just don’t know which kind yet.



Conde Nast Traveller magazine


Conde Nast Traveller Subscription


Conde Nast Traveller is one of the most respected travel publications in the world. For the discerning traveller, it is a where’s where of tip destinations. Like Times Travel there is something for everyone here – whether you’re a sun-worshipper or city-breaker.

That said, the high-quality articles written by respected travel writers provide insights you just don’t find elsewhere. All the nooks and crannies of every holiday destination are laid bare, and some of the best kept secrets and most idyllic spots are served up for your reading pleasure.
Wild Travel Subscription

Wild Travel magazine

Finally we have Wild Travel, and the distinguishing feature between this and the above magazines is obvious. Rougher round the edges and geared towards treks and explorative vacations rather than mainstream city breaks, this is for all you adventurous types out there.

Prepare to go native and visit some of the wildest travel destinations in the world. Seek out the planet’s last wildernesses and experience the awe and joy of watching grizzly bears in Alaska or endangered tigers in India.


If an all-inclusive is as appealing to you as standing on a rusty nail then Wild Travel could be the inspirational read you’ve been searching for.

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