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Creating a healthy body is of course super important but this ties in closely with a healthy mind. When we exercise and care for our health Studies show that the body releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitter. These are all chemicals which can improve mental stability and suppress challenging thoughts.

For the woman in your life, who is invested in the world of health and fitness, consider a gift from the below option's, which will meet these interests. 

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Breathe magazine
6 Issues £58.50
Fit & Well magazine
Fit & Well
12 Issues £129.62
Flourish magazine
1 Issues £18.03
Happiful magazine
12 Issues £100.53
Lion's Roar magazine
Lion's Roar
6 Issues £77.44
Menopause Matters magazine
Menopause Matters
4 Issues £34.79
Prevention magazine
12 Issues £91.18
Psychology Today magazine
Psychology Today
6 Issues £47.19
Runner's World magazine
Runner's World
12 Issues £100.53
Runner's World USA magazine
Runner's World USA
6 Issues £72.72
Slimming World magazine
Slimming World
6 Issues £37.07
Transcendental Meditation magazine
Transcendental Meditation
1 Issues £13.09
Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine
Watkins Mind Body Spirit
4 Issues £37.86
Women's Fitness magazine
Women's Fitness
12 Issues £87.78
Women's Fitness Guide magazine
Women's Fitness Guide
12 Issues £81.48
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