Magazine Solutions for Businesses, Schools, and Libraries

Unique Magazines: Customised Magazine Solutions for Businesses, Schools, and Libraries

For over 15 years, Unique Magazines has been a trusted provider of magazine subscriptions tailored to the specific needs of businesses, educational institutions, and libraries. We recognise that each organisation has its own unique requirements, and we are dedicated to fulfilling them with precision.


Tailored Subscription Packages

We offer personalised, no-obligation quotes to match your exact magazine needs. Choose from a diverse selection of magazines and subscription lengths ranging from single issues to annual subscriptions. Once you finalise your selections and subscription frequency, simply provide us with a Purchase Order (if necessary), and we'll handle everything else. There's no need to place orders through our website.


Dedicated Service Coordination

Sarah, our Operations Director, will manage your orders personally, providing a single, consistent point of contact. This streamlined approach ensures a seamless process from quote to delivery. Should any issues arise, such as missed deliveries, Sarah is readily available to swiftly resolve them via email.


Simplified Billing Process

Enjoy the simplicity of dealing with just one invoice for all your magazine subscriptions. Angela, our Management Accountant, will issue your invoice, which can be settled either through BACS or a convenient payment link.


Flexible and Responsive Subscription Management

We pride ourselves on offering flexible subscription options. Should you need to cancel or modify your subscription due to changing needs, we make the process easy and straightforward. If you find that a magazine is not meeting your needs, switching to another title is simple—we'll transfer any remaining balance to the new magazine of your choice. Additionally, if a magazine ceases publication, we will ensure that your balance is credited back to you, ensuring no loss on your investment.


Efficient Dispatch and Delivery

We coordinate the packing of your orders to consolidate shipments scheduled for the same dispatch date. For larger orders, we offer a tracked first-class service to meet the demanding needs of your business.


Get in Touch

For further information or to discuss your magazine needs, please contact Sarah at This email is also the correct address for sending Purchase Orders.