Magazine Subscriptions for Men and Women

Magazines specifically targetting fashion, fitness and lifestyle for men and women are amongst the biggest selling magazine titles. We have magazines which will compliment your weight loss plan, help you achieve your fitness goals, or give you a steer on the latest fashion trends.

What's more, as well as having every magazine for men and women from the UK, we also have a huge selection of international titles including those from the USA, India, France, Italy and many more.

Magazine Subscriptions for Women

Womens magazines, and magazines referred to as womens weeklies are among some of the biggest selling and well known titles available in the newsagent. We've got them all, many with huge savings, and we've even got some you've probably never heard of, including great titles from the USA, India, France and Italy. Click below to take a look through Womens Fashion, Womens Lifestyle and Womens Weekly magazines.

Womens Fashion Magazines

Unique Magazines supply a huge range of Fashion magazines, with all the well known titles such as Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire and Elle, along with their international counterparts from the USA and Europe.

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Womens Weekly Magazines

These are some of the most recognisable magazine titles available, including OK! Magazine, Hello and Take a Break magazine. With our innovative subscription and single issue service you can buy a single issue, or subscribe for up to 12 months and never miss an issue.

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Womens Lifestyle Magazines

Womens lifestyle magazines are designed to cover many topics which are of interest to women such as food, health and fitness, love, fashion, entertainment, work life balance and much more. Take a look at our huge range of Womens Lifestyle magazines the right one for you.

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Magazine Subscriptions for Men

Magazines specifically focussing on mens lifestyle, fashion, health and fitness have boomed over the past decade. We have dozens of mens magazines from the UK, as well as those from around the world.

Mens Fashion Magazines

We have the heavy hitters from the Mens Fashion world, along with a lot more from the high fashion world.

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Mens Lifestyle Magazines

Mens Lifestyle has many facets and takes many forms these days, and so it's only right that there is a whole host of magazines to represent mens lifestyle in its many forms.

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Mens Health and Fitness

Whether you are in to body building, fitness, running, cycling or more we have a mens health magazine for you.

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