Welcome to the A-Z of Magazines which we stock here at Unique Magazines!

We kick this off with the obvious first letter, A!

All About Space and Art Newspaper are the 2 titles we will be looking at!

All About Space

All About Space Front CoverA monthly magazine published by Future PLC.
The magazine recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with issue 130. For the curious mind, nothing beats spectacular images, especially space images! Throughout the magazine we see many shots through the telescope of space ranging from planets to different galaxies.
It’s so surreal to see these images, I can only imagine the euphoric feeling of real-life sightings. There is also such a variety of articles and information, such as how planets can die or be destroyed. It is also worth mentioning that all the latest space news is compiled down and spread out within the magazine.

Art Newspaper

Art Newspaper Front Cover

Founded in 1983, the Art Newspaper covers all aspects of art and its industry. With each issue there is countless information, articles, reviews, and exhibition information. With modern technology becoming more and more advance, NFT’s are a hot topic for many art departments, including Art Newspaper. We cannot ignore legends such as Michelangelo, who is mentioned frequently through the Art Newspaper!


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