What’s it about: A really amazing educational magazine for boys and girls aged 6-12 years.

Where is it from: United Kingdom

How often is it published: Monthly

Amazing is a fun, educational magazine that appeals to everyone who is ready to have a bit of fun! The magazine focuses on finding interesting things that link to real curriculum topics. As you flick through the pages, you are guaranteed to be amazed! Chosen with the reader in mind, the language is playful and light, with the illustrations being second to none. The articles will appeal to the young and not so young….. students, teachers, bookworms…you get the point.

The publishers feel that children need to know more about historical events, scientific discoveries, and economic changes, and they manage to do this in an exciting and engaging way. Some of the interesting topics covered in the current issue include the funniest and the weirdest feats in the world, and “make your own Ninja.” The magazine is beautifully designed and very cleverly written. You can expect to find facts, stories, articles, poetry, puzzles, jokes, activities and debates.

Each issue covers Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Art and Design, Poetry, Health, and Personal Development. There are approximately 36 pages of bright, colourful, vibrant content, tapping into the interests that girls and boys alike enjoy.

Education and tons of fun in one magazine….don’t miss out! You can subscribe to this fantastic magazine by heading over to Unique magazines website now!