What’s it about: a ‘happy’ mag for boys and girls.

Where is it from: United Kingdom.

How often is it published: Quarterly.

The latest issue of Anorak sat enticingly on top of my in tray this morning tempting me to take a look inside. I kept snatching a glance at the front cover, eager to know what lay beyond, but there were other tasks that demanded my attention, so it wasn’t until almost lunchtime when I was able to satisfy my curiosity. Leafing through the quality matte pages (printed using vegetable ink….it makes the pages smell yummy), I began to see why this magazine appeals to adults as well as children.

Anorak was launched in 2006 and it broke new grounds in terms of visual communication for children. The unique format has brand new stories which have been written by the most exciting contemporary authors, and the publishers aim is to provide children with a calm, immersive piece of fun culture.

Anorak magazine contains a nice selection of puzzles, colouring in, clever games and some really imaginative stories, encouraging children to use their creativity to learn and tap into their imagination.

The core of Anorak’s offering is a passion for words and images that will challenge and stimulate young minds.  Fun stories with titles such as “Louis the knee”, “Harold the hiccup” and “Leonardo the Shopping Tiger” just make you want to find out more.

Sometimes an issue is dedicated around a subject, such as the issue late 2016 which explored cakes – where they come from, where the most weird ones can be found, and a top 10 of the best cakes in the world.  The front cover of that issue reflected marvellously the contents inside.

Some parents have been known to buy two copies – one for the children so that they can read, fill in all of the puzzles and doodle on it, and another copy that they can keep specially for themselves!

This quarterly magazine would make a lovely gift for a child that can be kept and read again and again.  You can subscribe by visiting the Unique magazines website today!