The June issue of Cross Stitcher magazine is one of my favourite issues for ages! Not only does the cover have a spectacular stitch of our majesty the Queen, but there are also so many brilliant stitches inside


I wasted no time in getting stuck into the Gin birthday cards. However, I wont be using it as a card, I am going to put it in a mini frame next to my bottles of Gin on my bar. Please see a photo of my stitch. This one only took me a couple of days. It’s really nice to have smaller designs to stitch in between big projects. I love the colours and how modern this stitch looks. I think I will get round to stitching the other three patterns over the coming months. These really would make brilliant birthday cards too.


After I finished the gin stitch I had to move onto the ‘know your cat’ stitch. I think this is a lovely design and it can be adapted in so many ways. I was first going to stitch different types of cats, rather than all ginger and white in the pattern. However, in the end I decided to stitch them all as Ragdoll cats as that’s the cats I have. You can see my finished stitch below and a photo of my beautiful cats.

Im really excited to see what the next issue of Cross Stitcher brings, but for now I am busy working on another larger project from Hachette Disney Cross stitch.
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