What’s it about: A magazine for a younger audience providing hours of intelligent fun.

Where is it from: United Kingdom.

How often is it published: Quarterly.

Dot is the Happy Mag for Creative Kids under the age of 5.  Aimed at encouraging kids to be resourceful and find solutions using the tools they naturally have at their disposal, namely creativity, imagination and fun. It encompasses the aspects of children’s life from building things and jumping in muddy puddles to learning through play.

Dot is the name of the main character who is genderless. Dot takes us through his/her adventures whilst learning.  A feature called “Lets” explains, using pictures and words, different topics for children to find out more.  The “Lets” section cover topics such as:

“Let’s Eat” – this is what a tomato looks like…small tomatoes are called cherry tomatoes, tomatoes come in different colours. The illustrations are bold and bright and as an added bonus, there is a tomato recipe, which, as there is no cooking required, and only a few ingredients are used, is simple for children to prepare.

“Let’s travel”…pack your case and follow me to Unicorn Island…see where it is on the map…to reach it you have to close your eyes and imagine a unicorn…everyday at 5pm the villagers gather in the town square…Unicorn island is famous for making the most delicious rainbow ice-creams in the world.

The illustrations featured are reminiscent of times gone by, with little imperfections included that you would not normally see with the technologically advanced printers we use today.

Dot is meant to feel warm and tactile, personal and hand-made, suggesting children could create something similar.

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