Littlest Pet Shop

What’s it about: Activities, puzzles, and stories involving the Littlest Pet Shop animals

Where is it from: United Kingdom

How often is it published: Bi Monthly

The Littlest Pet Shop follows the lives of the miniature animals who live in a pet shop on Littlest Lane. The animals have their own treehouse inside the shop and go on all sorts of adventures together. The magazine is based on the TV show that features the lead character Blythe who has the ability to talk to animals. She also loves to design clothes and hang out with her friends. Blythe has no idea why she has this incredible ability to converse with animals, but couldn’t imagine life any other way without this talent.

Littlest Pet Shop is aimed at Primary school children and is published on a bi-monthly basis. The front cover of the magazine displays a free set of stickers featuring all of the miniature animals, and a cute little character to add to your collection. I was astonished by just how much content there is to keep readers engaged. Many of the activities make great use of observational and critical thinking skills. Along with a great comic strip style story, there are activities such as:

Find the missing Pet….one of the pets have gone missing and readers need to look at the pictures of the characters, read the clues, then draw a picture of the missing pet.

Doggy Dilemmas….find out which doggy is the odd one out amongst a set of five cute pooches

Secret Identity….readers must take a letter from each of the pet’s names and use it to spell out the name of another character

A fun game of snap cards can be made by cutting out the characters that are featured on the inside of the front and back cover of the magazine. There is a delicious and easy recipe to bake pink piggy cupcakes, and the chance to win a Littlest Pet Shop themed prize by sending in a drawing of one of your favourite Pet Shop characters. I feel that this is a magazine that places more emphasis on ‘doing’ rather than reading, however, the engrossing comic story would make perfect reading just before bedtime with its perfect length and conclusive ending.

A subscription to this delightful magazine would make a lovely gift for your youngster.  Visit our website for more details on subscribing to this, and our other exciting children’s titles.