Minecraft World

What’s it about: tips and information to build constructions.

Where is it from: United Kingdom.

How often is it published: Monthly.

What is Minecraft?  You could say it is a little bit like Lego building blocks, in that you amass various cubes and build whatever you want.  But it goes much further than that. Players of the ever popular game have to search for materials to make tools, so that they can build things. It really is all about using your own imagination and creativity and seeing where it leads you from there.

You never run out of blocks, and you can wander along your own creations and play with others online. Following on from the hugely successful PC game that has captured the imagaination of millions of children, Minecraft magazine provides readers with tips galore to discover everything you need to know about the different blocks, how to protect against the mobs, and how to become an expert.

Minecraft World monthly magazine is packed with unmissable information, fun tips, tutorials, puzzles, cheats, and expert advice.  It also showcases some brilliant builds, and gives great assistance in helping new players, whilst allowing existing players to develop and further their skills.

There is an “Ask Us Anything” page and this is where readers can get answers to their burning questions such as “how can you make a beacon”? Full and easy to follow advice is given to assist the reader. Another helpful feature is “How to Survive” where great tips are given such as “use lava buckets”, “fall with style”, and “sleep often”.

Great competitions to enter and a super cool poster make this magazine a must have for those who follow Minecraft World.  This fab magazine is available on a subscription basis from Unique magazines.