We add new magazines to our site each week. This is what we added this week, have a look and see if there is something for you.

Who Do You Think You Are Magazine

This magazine can help you on your journey to discovering your lineage and family history. Genealogy is a popular pastime and something anyone can do, to document your family tree, or find interesting stories from the lives your ancestors have lived. This magazine is tied with the team behind the BBC show of the same name and gives advice, resources, and more to help you along with your genealogy unit.

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Version Magazine

Version is a fashion and technology magazine, but it is much more practical in tone than what you might currently know about fashion technology. Version rejects the ideas of dresses made of phones or tech experiences that you can only see at fashion shows. It is environmentally conscious, and favouring thinking deeply about the concepts behind technology and fashion over gimmicks in order to bring them together.

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Numéro Netherlands Femme Magazine

Numéro Netherlands Femme is the Dutch version of the famous fashion publication. It has articles on fashion, art, culture and more from the thriving Dutch creative scene. Inside you will find artistic photography, interviews, editorials, and lots more. This is a great coffee table magazine and an interesting read for all those interested in Dutch fashion.

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Numéro Netherlands Homme Magazine

Another Dutch version of the Numéro brand, this time focusing on men’s fashion. Again this looks at the Dutch scene with a local take on men and masculinity in fashion, art, culture, and beyond. Inside you will find insightful articles to accompany interesting fashion and art from the forefront of the contemporary art scene in the Netherlands.

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