New Magazines Photography and Local History 27th April- 4th May 2020

Here at Unique Magazines we add new magazines to our store every week. Each one is different and a fantastic experience in its own genre. Here is what we added last week.

Silvergrain Classics

Silvergrain Classics magazine celebrates and showcases analogue photography. These 100 pages show what you can do with film photography and traditional techniques. Not only does it show you what people are doing on film, it gives advice and articles discussing the medium so that you can improve your craft. Film photography has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years, and Silvergrain Classics celebrates it all from large format to polaroid. This is a magazine put together with a good mix of love and expertise for a format that can sometimes seem tricky to start.

Down Your Way

Down Your Way is a magazine that takes you on a trip down memory lane in God’s own county: Yorkshire. This magazine features many relatable, touching stories from its contributors’ own lives. These are great stories, the kind you would hear at a family dinner, or over a cup of tea. Inside you will find reader-submitted stories about growing up in Yorkshire, their lives, the music they enjoyed, and their most memorable moments.

If there are any magazines you would like us to add get in touch via our social media and you can click the links on this article to buy the magazines.