BBC Radio Newcastle 

Stephanie Finnon interviewed CEO John Porret with children Aaron and Layla to discuss their thoughts on reading, games consoles, tablets and family engagement.

Entirely Media 

“My grandchildren are the same as other children; they love techy gadgets, but they’ve been read to from an early age which has certainly helped with their overall development. The eye-catching design of comics presents all sorts of ideas and activities in a bitesize easy way. I always notice that when they have a fun and engaging comic in front of them, they start to interact and ask questions. Our aim is to get children and parents enjoying reading and to stimulate them to get outdoors with suggested games. It’s a great way to promote mental and physical wellbeing, develop focus and concentration and encourage family time and exercise, something we all know is not the easiest thing to do.”

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Northern Insight 

“The earlier we can encourage children to start reading, the greater chance they have of doing well at school,” said John. “Reading is a habit. Okay, technology certainly has its place in the learning process, but a child sitting with a parent or grandparent reading an interesting and stimulating comic, can make education hugely engaging. It’s a case of getting the right balance between technology and magazines so, here at Unique Magazines, we’ve devised a way for children to receive a monthly package which contains two magazines and an activity journal that are relevant to their age range (7-11). The journal encourages them to search for material and make some notes. The magazines are sufficiently informative that they can be kept and used for future reference.”

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Highlights Public Relations 

“We’ve seen a marked increase in subscriptions of TV listings magazines reflecting the fact that people are doing what they can to make their time at home as bearable as possible.”

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