Scooby Doo

What’s it about: Activities, puzzles, and stories about the crime fighting dog and his pals.

Where is it from: United Kingdom

How often is it published: Monthly

Scooby Doo is an adorable Great Dane who goes on adventures and solves mysteries with his Master Shaggy and their friends. Scooby can use his front paws like hands, and, although he is supposed to be a pedigree dog, he has bow legs, a hump back and a small chin! Scooby  is often found running away from danger and has been known to hide inside bins with his mate Shaggy at the merest mention of the word ‘ghost’. The pair are a real bumbling duo, but their mishaps and mistakes often lead them just where they need to be to  solve the crime.

Friends Velma, Fred and Daphne make up the rest of the gang, and together they set out to solve mysteries.  The TV episodes usually involve a monster appearing whilst they are driving their van (the Mystery Machine) home.

  Following their investigations, the villian is invariably caught, and has his mask pulled off to reveal….the kindly school caretaker, the amiable hotel owner, or the sweet old lady who owns the local theme park.

Scooby Doo magazine has an age range of 4-9 years and appeals equally to boys and girls.  As Scooby Doo has quite a broad age range of fans, the games and activities are set at varying degrees of difficulty. The magazine is packed with puzzles, games and fun craft activities to make.

Spooky stories with Scooby and friends make great reading and allow children to follow the excitement with the gang. There is a challenging workbook for readers to complete, creative crafts to make and do, and some yummy recipes to try out.

In addition to the interactive content, there is a great poster to collect, fact files, and some amazing prizes that can be won, which all add to the attraction of this amazing magazine. Why not take out a subscription  and join Scooby Doo and his friends on their adventures!