Sofia the First

What’s it about: An ordinary little girl who becomes a Princess.

Where is it from: United kingdom.

How often is it published: Monthly

Sofia is an ordinary little girl, living an ordinary life, until her mother marries the King of Enchancia and she becomes royalty. Pretty soon, Sofia learns that looking like a Princess isn’t really difficult, but behaving like a Princess has to come from the heart.

The Royal Preparatory Academy is where Princes and Princesses go to learn various studies in royal etiquette, arts and magic. Inside the Academy, there are several classrooms where Sofia can also learn dancing and fencing. There are offices for the headmistress, a ballroom for parties, and a gym for training. The adorable little Princess in training is bold, curious and kindhearted.

The incredibly powerful Amulet of Avalor necklace grants Sofia the ability to talk and understand animals and to summon her Princess friends in case she needs help with something. The Amulet of Avalor was gifted to Sofia by her stepfather, and one of its other powers is to allow Sofia to shrink herself, to transform into a mermaid, and have the ability to breathe underwater.

Sofia the First’s content emphasises on character development, problem solving and communication skills by putting the reader in Sofia’s shoes. There are plenty of stories and games and activities which encourage critical thinking, social skills, etiquette and courtesy. The theory behind this is to inspire children just to try their best.

This amazing magazine has illustrated stories inspired by the hit tv series to awaken youngster’s imaginations, activities puzzles and games from the Royal Prep Academy which explore the themes of change, kindness and caring for others. Youngsters can get busy making creative royal arts, crafts and enjoy some lovely cooking and baking recipes. Sofia the First Princess Club features reader’s pictures with a chance to win prizes.

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