Find the perfect men’s magazine subscription from our Top 10 Magazines for Men. You can find all of these on our website with a variety of subscription and single issue options to fit your budget.

For staying on top form

Unique Magazines Mens Health

Men’s Health magazine is one of the most comprehensive and helpful magazines for men in the health and fitness category. Inside you will find diet guides, equipment reviews, and exercises he can fit into his routine to get into shape exactly how he wants to.

For fashion and lifestyle

Unique Magazines GQ - Captain Sir Tom Moore

GQ is a magazine that has it all. Follow the latest fashion trends, get the previews for TV and movies, and stay up to date with important events with this magazine. It is the perfect magazine for the modern man looking for a fashion and lifestyle magazine with class.

For total luxury

Unique Magazines Nobleman

Nobleman is luxury magazine, every single article is about luxury items, travel, vehicles, food, and more. If a man in your life loves the latest gadgets, fancy watches, sports cars, and all things luxury, this is the perfect gift. It has a Californian charm and is beautifully put together with real care.

For everything they need to know

Unique Magazines Monocle

Monocle is a current affairs and lifestyle magazine that features comprehensive looks at global news stories. This monthly magazine perfectly balances news with true stories, so you get everything you need to know alongside important and entertaining articles.  Monocle cuts through the noise so you can talk intelligently on topical events.

For gaming

Unique Magazines Edge Magazine

Edge is a gaming magazine that covers all major platforms. If you use more than just singular console, or want gaming news from across the industry, this is the go-to magazine. With the next generation of consoles launching this year, it is the perfect time to get educated on what to buy and games to look forward to.

For the entrepreneur

Unique Magazines Bloomsberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek is a weekly magazine with all of the busine3ss and finance news you need to know. This is the magazine for a man who loves to stay on top of financial news, owns his own business, or wants to create one.

For the petrol head

Unique Magazines Top Gear Magazine

Top Gear is a long running magazine for people who love cars. Top Gear covers them all, from the hottest, fastest supercars to the sensible family hatchbacks. If a man in your life loves cars, they will love this magazine. Top Gear can be trusted to give balanced and entertaining reviews and more,

For the football fan

Unique Magazines Four Four Two

FourFourTwo is an intelligent and entertaining football magazine filled with football news, interviews and more. If you know someone who simply cannot get enough football, this is the perfect companion magazine to their interest. Get everything you could possibly want from on and off the pitch with FourFourTwo.

For the history buff

Unique Magazines History Today

History Today takes you through stories throughout history, including periods and places we don’t tend to think about too much. It is interesting and packed with facts you probably didn’t know. It is the perfect magazine for learning about the world in history and keeping up to date with new discoveries.

For the modern sophisticate

Unique Magazines Esquire

Esquire is a sharp-witted, intelligent, and interesting men’s magazine that covers everything a modern man needs to know. Inside you will find fashion tips, interviews, news, sports, entertainment and more. This is the perfect gift for a man in your life.
Chris Hodge is a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria School of Design. After graduating in 1992 with a degree in Fashion Design, he has worked for a variety of British High street stores and in Fashion Trend Consultancy and Colour Forecasting.  Now working at Northumbria University supporting students with the fashion communication programme, his specialisms include fashion styling, photography, magazine editorial and concept generation, trend development and illustration.
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