Today is the 8th of June, which means that it is World Oceans Day. This celebration was created by the United Nations, who want to create awareness of the depleting ocean. It was founded in 2008 and has been observed each year since.

This year’s theme is Revitalisation – Collective Action for the Oceans. The UN are looking to experts, celebrities, students and the young to help brainstorm ideas and solutions to protect and revitalise the oceans.

Why does the Ocean Matter?

Our oceans feed us, regulate our climate, and generate most the oxygen we breathe. It covers 72% of our planet!

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Check out some of our favourite sea/ocean themed magazines here:

Moonsea The Moonsea describes itself as a ‘lifestyle aesthetics’ magazine. It is packed with amazing images and articles that transport you all around the world, giving a fantastic feeling of freedom. Inside you will find art, travel articles, lifestyle pieces, and lots more.

Scuba DivingThe wonderful sea life is not just colorful but reminds one of some fairy tale like scene. The cool and clean pristine waters and the colorful sea life is a soothing scene for sure. Scuba diving is one sport that will help you see the beauty undersea. For all those scuba diving enthusiasts the Scuba diving magazine is a perfect way to keep in touch with the sport in spite of the busy schedules.
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