Educational Magazines for Schools

Educational Magazines for Schools


Magazines can help encourage pupils to learn about educational subjects through less formal means whilst also appealing to their passions with varied content. We supply schools throughout the UK and abroad with magazine subscriptions so that members of staff can use them as a key resource, to help improve independent reading skills inside and away from the classroom.

Our service is both personal and flexible, allowing you to manage your institution's needs without worrying about managing a subscription. Unique Magazines looks after your subscription for you, and we can provide single issues or short-term subscriptions with ease. We keep things simple, making it easy for you to quickly order and renew your magazine subscriptions and keeping everything on one invoice.

"Inspiring young minds through engaging, factual magazines. Magazines for Schools is an affordable, easy to use subscription service that brings the entertainment and educational benefits of magazines into the classroom."

Through Unique Magazines you can access over 2,000 different titles covering many different topics for your school. We've been working closely with Education Consultants to pinpoint which titles are the most beneficial to the education sector.

access over 2,000 different titles covering many different topics for your school

Whether it's weeklies, fortnightlies, monthlies or even bi-annual magazines that you're interested in, our school subscription management service is designed to save you both time and money thanks to discounted subscription prices. There are also no additional hidden charges, no set-up fee, and no subscription management fee.

Service Checklist

  • Over 2000 Magazines in one store
  • The UK's leading supplier of magazine subscriptions to schools and libraries
  • One point of contact, one order, one invoice, no hassle
  • We handle all the magazines in house and organise renewals to meet your schedule
  • You will never have to chase up a missing or late issue again. We handle everything for you
  • Secure and Safe
  • No administration of subscription management fees
  • We can help source hard to find titles, and import foreign magazines from abroad

Magazine Resources for Primary Schools

Magazines are a great, fun, way to encourage kids to read.

As many as 20% of children in the UK struggle with reading, and if they aren't encouraged when they're young then they are likely to struggle to re-engage with literature later in life.

Whilst most children learn to read in school, some associate reading with work, not pleasure, struggling with the length and scope of some books. Magazines are an ideal tool to alleviate the pressure on pupils struggling with reading large amounts, and have been proven to increase independent reading time.

Good literacy skills are the key to understanding other academic areas including maths and science, and through easy to digest fun facts, puzzles, games, quizzes and activities, magazines work towards making learning less daunting and more accessible.



 Education used in primary schools

Unique magazines does not just provide a magazine, it provides a service. I am always aware of special offers for magazines and the emails are personalised to suit my needs. I know in good time when the subscription is coming to an end and changing the subscriptions is never a problem.


Lindsay Codd - Bays Garth School

Magazine Package for Primary Schools


To buy this package click here or call 0191 2702800

Working alongside an Education Consultant, and in conjunction with our primary school customers, we have created a package to help schools close the literacy gap. Our Primary School titles provide age-appropriate, challenging, magazines to help students engage with topics that interest them both in the classroom and independently at home.

We're confident that our package will appeal to a wide variety of interests. If you have specific needs we also offer a package creation service. You can choose from over 2000 titles that are guaranteed to spark imaginations and improve literacy.

Take a look at our full range of magazines for schools. please note we offer bespoke packages where you can choose from a selection of over 2,000 magazines. 

Magazines Number of issues  
Horrible Histories 8  
National Geographic Kids 12  
Eco Kids Planet 12  
Brilliant Brainz 12  
Price 44 £245.00

Magazine Subscriptions for Secondary Schools

Magazines offer a fantastic way for pupils to gain insight into subjects such as English, History, Geography and Science whilst improving their literacy.

Pupils who spend more time reading have a broader vocabulary, increased reading and writing skills, and better general knowledge. Magazines are great for independent reading, group activities and using to contribute towards lesson resources.

Take a look at our full range of magazines for schools. please note we offer bespoke packages where you can choose from a selection of over 2,000 magazines. 


Unique Magazines are a brilliant way of choosing the magazines I know will appeal to my students without the hassle of having to subscribe to each one individually. They arrive in the post regularly, on time and you pay just one subscription – all in all a really convenient way to subscribe to magazines!

Mrs Mackay - Librarian/Press Liaison - Goffs School


Magazine Package for Secondary Schools

Magazines Number of issues  
How it Works 13  
All About History 12  
BBC Wildlife 13  
All About Space 12  
BBC Science Focus 14  
Price 64 £525.00

We introduced our brand new EBACC package to help Secondary Schools close the gap in literacy between the UK and other countries. Having worked closely with an Education Consultant our package include age appropriate genres such as Geography, Science and English to help bring engagement back to the classroom.

Our package are aimed to appeal to all pupils to help improve reading levels, but don’t worry if these don’t suit your needs. We can offer bespoke packages where you can personally choose a selection from over 2,000 magazines.

To buy this package click here or call 0191 2702800

What is EBACC?

EBACC is a performance indicator, awarded when students achieve A* to C in the following five core GCSE subjects.

  • English
  • Maths
  • History or Geography
  • The Sciences
  • A Language

This initiative was launched to help encourage schools to promote a range of academic subjects to 11 - 16 year olds. It also allows both the pupils and parents to see how their school is performing in the league tables.

Magazine Subscriptions for Further Education

If you represent a College or University, we can offer you a wide selection of magazines to help encourage students to read in their own time. There are over 2000 titles to choose from, and we also offer  many hard to find publications.

Our magazines cover topics linked to areas of study such as fashion, language, design, art, photography and more. These titles will help students stay on top of the latest trends, news and current affairs and encourage further reading. We can support all of your magazine requirements.Contact us today by email or by telephone on 0191 2702800

Read our case study here with Northumbria University.


Magazines Popular with our University and College customers

Are you interested in providing your students with some of the best educational magazine resources available?

We have worked with schools over the last seven years to managing their magazine subscriptions, so we know that teachers and schools want the best magazine resources with the least hassle and administration overhead. With that in mind we have a simple four-step process, which gives you exactly what you need, when you need it.

Step One

Visit our web store to learn more about which magazines will work with your institution. Our magazines are separated by category, and when you click through to a title you will see a description about the product. If you aren't sure which magazines to subscribe to, our Primary and Secondary school subscription packages are also listed. Alternatively you can get in touch with our customer service team to discuss your specific needs and we will work to identify the magazine titles most relevant for your institution.

Step Two

Ring us on 0191 2702800 or email, where our excellent customer service team will put a quote together for you. Our team has years of experience working with schools and teachers to identify the titles which will provide the greatest benefit to schools and students.

Step Three

Once your list of magazine titles has been created and you are happy with the selection you have chosen, we will invoice you for those subscriptions. You can choose whether your magazine subscriptions start immediately or if you wish to delay commencement until the start of a particular term.. We will liaise with publishers to provide you with accurate subscription start and end dates, as well as the first and last magazine issue numbers.

Step Four

 We will manage the subscription process for you and monitor the status of your subscriptions. None of your subscriptions will automatically renew. Instead, when your magazine subscriptions are nearing their completion we will work with you to determine which magazine subscriptions you would like to renew, as well as any new magazine titles you would like to subscribe to.

Common Questions about our Subscription Management Service for Educational Establishments

  • Can we build our own magazine package?

    If you have a list of titles in mind, by all means you can send your list of titles and we will create a package for you, or simply ring us on 0191 2702800 and we can provide guidance on which publications are suitable for your School, College or University.

  • What is the range of magazines you offer to educational establishments?

    Our full range of over 2,000 magazine titles, with a vast majority being age appropriate in various subjects, interests and hobbies is available for subscription to educational facilities. In some cases we have access to special subscription discounts which are only available to educational establishments.

  • Will our magazine subscriptions automatically renew?

    We understand that many customers are concerned that subscriptions may auto renew every year, whether they are still needed or not. This is not the case with our service. Once your subscription has finished, we'll contact you to ask if you would like to carry on with your subscriptions, or change magazines, or add additional magazines to your order. We understand the magazines come in and out of style and that the school might need different titles as lesson plans are developed and adapted to use other magazine resources.

  • Are we able to setup magazines as prizes or student rewards?

    Yes of course, and this is a very popular service that we offer. Just let us know where and to whom you need the magazines to be sent to and we will set everything up.

  • Can you supply a list of age appropriate titles?

    Yes. If you send us a quick email to or contact us on 0191 2702800 we can send you a list of titles.

  • Is there a minimum order value?

    Not at all. You can subscribe to a single magazine, or to dozens of titles, and you will still benefit from our exceptional subscription management service for educational establishments.

  • What if we have an existing subscription already in place?

    Don't worry. We can link up your new subscription with your existing one so you don’t miss out on any issues or receive any duplication.

  • When can we expect our first issue?

    All magazines are dispatched from our warehouse and if the current issue is in stock, you will receive within 2-3 days (UK  customers) when we are out of stock, your order will start with the next isuse.

  • When we order, can we deliver to different departments?

    If you email us or ring us up, we can guarantee separate magazines being sent to different departments within your institution. You can also set this up online through our web store.

  • Are we able to trial magazines with single issues?

    Of course, we offer single copies on a majority of our magazines. If you would like to purchase a single copy of a magazine in order to validate it's potential as a teaching resource, we can arrange that for you.

  • Do your costs include admin fees?

    We do not take any admin fees or service changes. So you can simply buy the magazines that you need and not worry about anything else.

  • How do we pay?

    We are happy to invoice schools and are flexible to fall in line with your procurement procedures. We also accept Credit or Debit Cards, Cheques and BACs payments.

  • How often do we pay?

    If you have signed up for 3 months, 6 months or even a 12 month magazine subscription, you are only paying a one off sum. As the end of the subscription approaches, we’ll contact you to see if you would like to continue with your titles or change them.



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