Gardening Magazine Subscriptions

Are you sick of looking at your garden? Don’t know how to get rid of those nasty weeds or how to fertilise your soil? Well luckily for you we have a wide selection of Gardening Magazines that can help you perk up your pots and revive those roses. Our magazines are jammed packed full of tips, techniques and lessons to help you improve your garden.

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Garden Answers magazine
Garden Answers
3 Issues £3.00
Save 73%

Garden Answers is the inspirational monthly gardening magazine for amateur gardeners who want a beautiful garden.

Kitchen Garden magazine
Kitchen Garden
12 Issues £38.00
Save 37%

Is gardening your hobby or more than just a hobby? Are you the person who would like to grow your own stock of fresh veggies? If yes, then you would definitely love, appreciate and buy the Kitchen Garden magazine, edition after edition.

Amateur Gardening magazine
Amateur Gardening
13 Issues £18.49
Save 29%

Amateur Gardening has been informing and entertaining lovers of all things flora since 1884.

BBC Gardeners World magazine
BBC Gardeners World
12 Issues £40.80
Save 20%

Well-loved gardening faces such as Alan Titchmarch and Carol Klein are regular contributors to BBC Gardeners' World, offering up handy hints and tips for every gardening season.

About Unique Magazines

Unique Magazines was founded back in 2002, providing customers with access to thousands of mainstream and niche magazines.

A company name like ours begs the question "What makes you Unique?". Well, we listen to our customers and give them what they want.

We launched back in 2002 promoting a variety of magazines on all sorts of weird and wonderful topics. This was great, but our customers told us that they also wanted access to the best magazine subscription deals on main stream magazines. This is exactly what we did, and now you can choose from hundreds of titles with up to 90% off the cover price.

Back in 2006 we listed almost 2000 niche titles, foreign language magazines, and magazines from around the world. Our customers told us that they wanted easy access to these titles, with the ability to buy just a single issue, with next day delivery, and low shipping costs. Again, we listened and began holding stock of dozens of magazine titles so that we could deliver them quickly. Roll on to today, and our warehouse houses thousands of different magazines, all available for sale at the cover price plus a nominal postage price.

In the current digital age, a lot of customers started asking for digital versions of the magazines we sell. Therefore in 2012 we began listing digital subscription deals for many magazines.

So today on Unique Magazines you will find a huge range of magazines, many with huge subscription savings, or single issues with next day delivery, or digital versions which can be read on your mobile or tablet device.

  • Access to 1500 Magazines from over 150 publishers
  • Access to savings of up to 90% on mainstream titles
  • Niche and Specialist titles not available on the high street
  • Professional titles and Trade journals available
  • Hundreds of foreign language magazines from around the world
  • Over 1000 magazine titles in stock for next day delivery
  • No Auto Renewal of magazine subscriptions
  • UK Based customer support call centre open 8.30 - 5pm Weekdays

Our Top Magazines

Are you looking for a magazine subscription but aren't sure what to buy? Why not be inspired by what our customers are browsing and buying in store right now.

Take a Break magazine
Take a Break
1 Issues £0.90

Take a Break is considered to be the respected voice of ordinary people with over 3.2 million readers each week.

Jacqueline Wilson magazine
Jacqueline Wilson
4 Issues £10.00
Save 37%

Jacqueline Wilson is an English writer, popular for her work in children’s literature.

Girl Talk magazine
Girl Talk
1 Issues £3.99

Girl Talk magazine is for preteen girls. The magazine comes with fashion, gossip, stories and freebies - all aimed at young girls.

Octonauts magazine
1 Issues £2.75

The cute little colorful characters of Octonauts magazine are surely to attract you largely. It is the best selling magazine that provides information on nature and life under water in a fun way.

Burda Style magazine
Burda Style
1 Issues £4.99

Want to get hands-on with fashion? Look no further than a Burda magazine subscription.

V Magazine magazine
V Magazine
1 Issues £5.75

V Magazine is targeted toward the youth market and specializes in style that is achievable and wearable. V is a visual experience from the elegant stylized photographs of models, and apparel.

Lego Ninjago magazine
Lego Ninjago
3 Issues £13.49

Lego Ninjago is anticipated to be the next big thing for boys aged 7-11.

Shopkins magazine
1 Issues £3.99

Shopkins Magazine is aimed at girls aged 5 to 9 years old who love the toy brand. 

Why do we love Magazines?

What makes magazines so interesting, and why do we love them so much?

We all love to flick through the pages of our favourite magazine from time to time, whether it’s catching up with the latest gossip about the story lines in the soaps, or reading reviews of the latest summer blockbusters.

You can dip in and out of a magazine, picking the articles that interest you, roll it up and stick it in your bag for later. This makes a magazine ideal to pass the time on the commute to work, over a lunch break, on the beach, whilst soaking in the bath or any number of occasions we can think of.

A magazine can be a great source of information if you are picking up a new hobby. Yes, you could use the internet for information, but a magazine is packed with articles and step by step guides by authors with tonnes of experience, with professional photography to back up the content.

Once you're finished with a magazine you can hand it on to someone else, or as they are eco-friendly you can send your old magazines to be recycled into something else.

Why subscribe to a magazine?

You can buy magazines in any high street newsagent and even the local supermarket, so why subscribe?

  • Subscribing online gives you access to thousands of titles. Newsagents and Supermarkets have limited shelf space, so only stock popular magazines.
  • You will never miss an issue. Shops only carry so many copies; your shop could sell out before you get yours.
  • Your magazine subscription is posted directly to you, so you don't have to remember when it goes on sale and to check the shops.
  • Many publishers subsidise subscriptions, so you benefit from huge savings on the normal cover price.
  • A subscription to a magazine is a great gift idea. If you know someone with a hobby, get them a subscription to match. Subscriptions are especially popular gifts for children, as they are educational, designed especially to engage children and they have a great educational benefit by encouraging children to read about a topic they are interested in.

Women's Lifestyle Magazine Subscriptions

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to keep updated with the latest fashion, lifestyle and beauty? Our magazine subscriptions have all the answers. They will keep you updated with the latest news, gossip, issues and must-read features. Our magazine subscriptions will not only inform, but get delivered straight to your door!

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Red magazine
6 Issues £16.49
Save 31%

Red features the finest hair and beauty tips, the latest fashion must-haves and reviews of all the latest consumer products for the modern woman.

Marie Claire magazine
Marie Claire
12 Issues £15.49
Save 68%

While other glossy mags can be flippant and are soon thrown away, Marie Claire is the smart woman’s choice with an array of features that get under the skin of important issues and interviews you genuinely want to read.

InStyle magazine
12 Issues £15.49
Save 68%

Practically the best advice you’ll get when it comes to enhancing your appearance, InStyle is like an honest friend you can keep tucked away in your bag.

Prima magazine
6 Issues £13.00
Save 30%

Take up a Prima subscription and enjoy a well-earned break from your daily hassle. It's the publication busy women choose to relax with.  

Magazine Subscriptions with Free Gifts

There are actually two types of free gifts you can get with magazine subscriptions from Unique Magazines.

Firstly, there's the "cover mounts" which are the items you find taped to the front of the magazine. You normally get these on magazines for kids, and they include things like water pistols, or playing cards, or things they can play tricks on grown ups with.

Secondly there are the free gifts which publishers use to entice people to buy their magazine subscriptions. So this might be free golf balls with a golfing magazine, or some shopping vouchers with a leading fashion magazine. You can take a look at the magazine subscriptions with free gifts which we have right now. These offere change regularly, so please check back often to see tha latest offers.

Magazine Subscription Gifts

Purchasing a magazine subscription as a gift couldn't be easier with Unique Magazines.

We have specifically designed our service to enable customers to purchase magazine subscriptions as a gift for someone.

With over 3000 magazines to choose from, there is something to suit every hobby, craft project or sport. So that's 3000 incredibly tailored gifts, which can be purchased as a subscription over a 12 month period.

Once you have selected the magazine subscriptions you would like to purchase as a gift, simply add them to your shopping basket. Then during the checkout process we will ask you for the name and delivery address where the subscription should be delivered. Over the Christmas period we give you the option to deley the delivery of the magazines until after Christmas.

Magazine Subscriptions For Kids

We have hundreds of magazines which are designed for children of all ages, right from pre-schoolers through to teenagers.

Magazines are a great tool to help young children learn literacy and numeracy skills, in a fun and engaging way. There are magazines which mirror popular television shows such as Peppa Pig or the Octonauts, as well as titles which are released to co-incide with movie releases.

We have worked with schools, colleges and universities for the past 15 years, supplying great magazine resources for use in education and saving them money. If you are looking to buy magazines for a schools, college or university then you should definately look at our education service.

What our Customers Say

Our business has been moulded by what our customers want, and what they say to us. We value all our feedback, especially the bad stuff because that's where we can improve. Take a look at what customers have had to say about us recently, and click on the link to view all feedback (warts and all).

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Business Magazine Subscriptions

Can’t find the right business magazine subscription? Each magazine will keep you a step ahead of today’s business world with complete coverage of all the major issues. You will find all the latest information, whether it’s the economy, investment, new company launches or even the latest marketing trends.

All Business Magazines
Money Marketing magazine
Money Marketing
50 Issues £136.80
Save 41%

Money Marketing is a South African magazine that is published especially for the financial advisers. It gives the necessary details of various business and financial dealings, risk covers and investment matters.

Bloomberg Businessweek magazine
Bloomberg Businessweek
50 Issues £49.99
Save 75%

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine reports on the happenings in the business world including both information and commentary.

CEO magazine
2 Issues £40.99
Save 39%

Chief Executive Office Magazine leads the way in International journals covering the evolving mission and responsibilities of senior corporate executives.

MoneyWeek magazine
13 Issues £19.95
Save 56%

A MoneyWeek subscription gives you intelligent, easy-to-read commentary on the week's financial news, plus practical investment advice, all in a lively, colourful format.

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