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It’s FA Cup final time this weekend at 4:45pm on the 14th of May, Liverpool and Chelsea will battle it out for FA Cup Trophy.

Here at Unique Magazines, we are big football supporters, with being just across the river from St James’ Park, it was only natural for most staff to support Newcastle United. We decided to do a mini questionnaire about what football means to us and the importance of the FA Cup even if our team isn’t playing.

Out of the 5 people who completed the survey, there was only 1 person who did not support Newcastle, they supported Arsenal. What we also discovered is if you supported Newcastle, you were rooting for Liverpool to win as it is your second team.
The minority wanted Chelsea to win due to a built-up rivalry with Liverpool.                                                                                     


  What about the rest of the country?

Well, it all depends on who you support! If you support Everton, Manchester United or Manchester City, you’re less likely to want Liverpool to win. Just like, if you support West Ham you’re less likely to want Chelsea to win. When finals like this come around, the country is usually split! There is also a lot of pressure on the Liverpool team to win the quadruple with a lot of fans beginning to bet on their chances!

The Importance of the FA Cup, to us.

On our questionnaire we requested staff to tell us why the FA Cup was important to them, even if it isn’t their team playing!
Jordan, who works in distribution spoke about the unpredictability of the FA Cup throughout all the rounds, not just the final. “The FA Cup has always proven that lower league teams such as league 1 have knocked out top premiere league teams in the past.”


Sarah, our operations director talked about how it can be important, especially if a whole family comes together to watch. “Our kids are starting to take more of an interest in football, so it may be something we watch together as a family.”
The excitement is here, and the winner will be crowned very soon!

If you’re unable to watch the game live, the highlights will be shown on Match of the Day on BBC over the weekend.

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By, Jessica Austin

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