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Imagicasa magazine
4 Issues £55.77

Imagicasa magazine wants to highlight the exceptional and luxurious projects that revolve around; architecture, design, art, cars and hotels. Basically, anything to do with a posh lifestyle. Imagicasais an inspirational magazine that wants to surprise you regularly with the beautiful interiors and the most innovative developments. Buy a single copy or subscription to Imagicasa magazine.

Alhaus magazine
2 Issues £20.72

ALHAUS magazine blends insightful knowledge with and luxurious culture. Every magazine is painstakingly crafted so that you don't have to worry about your next style needs. ALHAUS Magazine is a semi-annual magazine that is devoted to design, culture and lifestyle. It’s prioritises are knowledgeable editorial paired with interesting imagery. Both aspects will have you thinking and acting more creatively in your day to day activities. Buy a single copy or subscription to ALHAUS magazine.

Happiful magazine
12 Issues £68.40

Happiful magazine wants to break the stigma of mental health within our society. This will be done by shining a light on the positivity and support that needs to be available for everyone, no matter their situation. The magazine has many inspirational real-life stories, interviews all of which cover the topic of creating a healthier society. Buy a single copy or subscription to Happiful magazine.

Fingerlings magazine
12 Issues £66.31

Fingerlings magazine is aimed at four to seven-year-old readers. Fingerlings are a new interactive pet that cling to fingers or pencils they respond to touch and sound. The magazine allows for reader to have friendship at their fingertips. Each magazine will be filled with fun, games, puzzles and stories. All of which will encourage young readers to explore the magic of storytelling. Buy a single copy or subscription to Fingerlings magazine.

Children's Comics

We have a huge range of cool and colourful magazines for every child whatever their interest. Magazines are a great way to help improve reading skills away from the classroom, we have something for all ages and interests.

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Girl Talk Art magazine
Girl Talk Art
12 Issues £63.99

Girl Talk Art is a monthly magazine for art-loving girls aged 7 to 11 years old. A spin-off from the popular Girl Talk magazine, each issue is filled with creative activities from nail art design to bbf art projects. Buy a single copy or subscription to Girl Talk Art magazine.

Lego Friends magazine
Lego Friends
12 Issues £64.49

Lego Friends Magazine is aimed at children between the age of 7 and 11. Featuring fun brain-boggling puzzles and super cute stories. There are even colouring in sections scattered throughout the magazine, allowing the reader to express themselves.    Every issue of Lego friends comes with a free mini doll and an awesome 16-page friendship house comic. Buy a single copy or subscription to Lego Friends magazine.  

My Little Pony magazine
My Little Pony
17 Issues £87.99

Open the pages of My Little Pony to enter the magical world of Ponyville! Buy a single copy or subscription to My Little Pony magazine.

Unicorn Universe magazine
Unicorn Universe
12 Issues £86.99

Unicorn Universe is a magical magazine full of all things unicorn, each issue is filled with fun quizzes, things to make and do, puzzles, product news, and so much more! Buy a single copy or subscription to Unicorn Universe magazine.

Munch Cats magazine
Munch Cats
12 Issues £65.20

Munch Cats is a monthly magazine aimed at children aged between 6 and 10. Buy a single copy or subscription to Munch Cats magazine. 

Horrible Histories magazine
Horrible Histories
12 Issues £68.00

Horrible Histories is a monthly magazine based on the popular TV show and series of books, aimed at Primary school aged boys and girls. Buy a single copy or subscription to Horrible Histories comic.

Pokemon magazine
12 Issues £68.49

Pokemon is an exciting magazine that encourages readers to immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon. The content is underpinned by sound educational values, so whether readers are tackling an interactive sticker puzzle, or deciding who will win an epic pokemon battle, children can learn whilst having fun.

LOL Surprise magazine
LOL Surprise
12 Issues £72.80

LOL Surprise is a monthly fun filled magazine aimed at girls aged between 5-9 years old, based on the collectable craze of limited edition dolls. Buy a single copy or subscription to LOL Surprise magazine. 

Crafts Magazines

Discover everything you need to keep entertained with our huge range of craft magazines. Find easy step-by-step guides, knitting and sewing patterns, craft ideas, DIY projects, complex designs and so much more. Create, discover and improve with the help of our arts and crafts magazines.

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Love Craft magazine
Love Craft
12 Issues £129.01

This is a great monthly magazine series, covering all things craft! Buy a single copy or subscription to Love Craft magazine.  

Prima Makes magazine
Prima Makes
4 Issues £59.00

Prima Makes magazine is packed with stunning creatives covering all skill levels and a huge variety of crafts and projects for your home from crochet to cardmaking. 

Inside Crochet magazine
Inside Crochet
12 Issues £55.00
Save 23%

Inside Crochet is the UK’s best monthly crochet only magazine. Buy a single copy or subscription to Inside Crochet magazine.

Parchment Craft magazine
Parchment Craft
12 Issues £42.50
Save 31%

Parchment Craft magazine remains the only publication of its kind anywhere in the world making it the premier choice for enthusiasts who demand the full diversity of their chosen subject.

Hobbies & Interests Magazines

Here at Unique Magazines, we have a vast range of hobby magazines from Art Therapy to Model Making to Hi-Fi and Radio, we have everything for all your hobby needs!

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Homes & Antiques magazine
Homes & Antiques
13 Issues £46.00
Save 33%

If you love nothing more than to find inspiration for the home from antiques and vintage trends, Homes and Antiques magazine is just what you're looking for. Buy a single copy or subscription to Homes & Antiques magazine.

Blocks magazine
12 Issues £77.99

Blocks is the title for Lego enthusiasts and is aimed at the thousands upon thousands of lego fans, of all ages who enjoy collecting, building and creating Lego dioramas, layouts and models. Buy a single copy or subscription to Blocks magazine.  

Zen Colouring magazine
Zen Colouring
6 Issues £45.49

Zen Colouring Advanced Art Therapy is the new bimonthly magazine for adults that generates wellness & quietness, and stimulates creativity & the senses. 

Daphne's Diary magazine
Daphne's Diary
8 Issues £23.96
Save 50%

Buy a single copy or subscription to Daphne’s Diary magazine. All new subscriptions will commence with the next issue 04 in June. If you ordered before 5th April your subscription will begin with issue 03, which should arrive by 16th April.

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