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99 Percent Lifestyle magazine
99 Percent Lifestyle
1 Issues £10.00

99 Percent Lifestyle is a bi-annual lifestyle magazine that focuses on creativity, businesses and the people behind them. With an aim to inspire and motivate people to live a more creative life. It is filled with interviews and advice from top photographers, designers, chefs and many more. Buy a single copy or subscription to 99 Percent Lifestyle magazine

Walnut magazine
1 Issues £10.00

Walnut is a bi-annual magazine that is split out into three sections; health, food and people. It is filled with informative and inspirational articles and recipes by industry specialists. Buy a single copy or subscription to Walnut magazine.

Moana magazine
1 Issues £4.99

‘Moana’ is a brand new monthly magazine based on the animated musical fantasy adventure film from Walt Disney pictures. The magazine is filled with humour and adventure from the movie and is expressed through a regular frequency magazine. After extremely positive reviews from the film, Moana fans can continue their adventures with Moana and Maui through the enjoyment print.   Buy a single copy or subscription of Moana magazine.

Hanazuki magazine
1 Issues £3.99

‘Hanazuki’ is a monthly magazine based on an American animated children’s web show which made its debut in January 2017. It is set in a fictional place. ‘Hanazuki’ is from Japanese origin and translates to ‘moonflower’; moonflowers are also identified as childlike beings who act as guardians of the galaxy’s moons.  Buy a single copy or subscription of Hanazuki magazine.

Welcome to Unique Magazines, the UK's leading online Newsagent.

Since 2002 Unique Magazines has been providing customers with access to thousands of popular and specialist magazines.

Our subscription deals can lead to savings of up to 90% on hundreds of titles that can simply not be found on the high street or in your local newsagent's.

Today we stock over 2000 magazines, newspapers and journals that are available for next day delivery from our warehouse. You can choose whether you buy a single issue of a magazine or a subscription, and if you buy just one copy of your favourite title you will only pay the cover price and a small charge for postage.

As well as mainstream and niche domestic titles, we also stock a huge range of foreign magazines and international editions of hugely popular publications.

This means that the likes of Vogue and GQ magazines can be ordered in many languages and can be delivered straight to your front door.

We also offer a digital subscription service, with titles delivered direct to a tablet or mobile device so that you can read on the go. If the title you are buying has already been published you will receive it instantly, with the next edition arriving moments after it goes live for readers.

If you have any questions about taking out a subscription, or about the titles that we stock, you can call our UK-based customer support call centre on 0345 303 6750 between 8:30am and 5:00pm every weekday.

Our team are here waiting to speak to you about the unique magazine that you love.

  • Access to 1500 Magazines from over 150 publishers
  • Access to savings of up to 90% on mainstream titles
  • Niche and Specialist titles not available on the high street
  • Professional titles and Trade journals available
  • Hundreds of foreign language magazines from around the world
  • Over 1000 magazine titles in stock for next day delivery
  • No Auto Renewal of magazine subscriptions
  • UK Based customer support call centre open 8.30 - 5pm Weekdays


Food and Cooking magazines

Our most popular food and cooking related magazines!

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Delicious magazine
12 Issues £32.99
Save 36%

Delicious magazine, you’ve got it right, is about food! The most exciting, tastiest and most unheard of recipes, combining various elements from different cuisines form the trademark of Delicious magazine.

Jamie magazine
5 Issues £14.00
Save 30%

If you are a food lover or you have interest in cooking, then Jamie is the perfect magazine for you.

BBC Good Food magazine
BBC Good Food
6 Issues £21.90
Save 16%

As the UK’s no.1 food magazine, with each issue of BBC Good Food you can expect over 80 recipes for quick and easy meals, entertaining and dishes directly from celebrity chefs’ mouths.

Food Heaven magazine
Food Heaven
6 Issues £19.50
Save 35%

 Food Heaven is Britain's favourite baking magazine series, packed with inspiration for indulging all your baking and cake decorating needs

Vegan Food & Living magazine
Vegan Food & Living
6 Issues £19.50
Save 35%

Vegan Food & Living is a brand new magazine dedicated to the vegan lifestyle.

Great British Food magazine
Great British Food
3 Issues £11.97

The Great British Food is a magazine for those with a love of British food.

Healthy Food Guide magazine
Healthy Food Guide
12 Issues £28.99
Save 29%

Healthy Food Guide gives the reader scientifically-based advice on how to eat well. Get news, recipes, medical, and health information while reading the magazine that provides the most up-to-date information on staying healthy.

Vegan Life magazine
Vegan Life
10 Issues £24.50
Save 51%

With an ever increasing world population, sustainable food production means more than simply expanding the current food supply, change is needed.

Why do we love Magazines?


There's something immensely satisfying about sitting down with a magazine that you love. The internet may be full of a huge range of sometimes brilliant content, but nothing quite beats reading the carefully planned and painstakingly written articles from a trusted publication.

Even if you're not a dedicated reader, just picking up a magazine and leafing through it can be the start of a new world of interests. Whether you're in a waiting room, travelling to work or simply enjoying some 'me time' in the middle of a busy day, magazines provide a great way to escape, even for a few minutes at a time.

Whether you're interested in motoring, entertainment, glamour, fashion, sport, or lifestyle advice you can guarantee that there are a wealth of publications packed with essential reading. Away from the big name publishers there are also tonnes of niche magazines on every imaginable subject or interest, no matter how quirky. Put together with a genuine love for the subject matter, these smaller publications thrive on the support of readers who share their passion.

Physical magazines also offer a great way for you to share your affection for a topic, as you can hand it to a friend, or donate it to a charity shop for others to enjoy once you're finished reading.




If you have an interest or a hobby then a magazine is arguably still the best way to read about it, and speaking to Unique Magazines is the best way to manage your subscription.

If you take out a magazine subscription with Unique Magazines you can rest assured that you will never miss an issue of your favourite title. Many publishers subsidise subscriptions, so you could benefit from huge savings on the normal cover price

Once your subscription is set up, each new edition of your chosen magazine will be delivered directly to your door through the post, sometimes days before it is available in stores. If you choose a digital magazine subscription over physical copies, then you can read your latest issue even quicker as it will be sent to your tablet or mobile device within moments of publication

A magazine subscription doesn't have to be bought for yourself, and in fact it can make a great gift idea for friends or family. If you know someone with an unusual or beloved hobby then a matching magazine subscription will always be welcome. Subscriptions to educational publications for kids are also a fantastic learning resource, helping them to develop, thanks to engaging articles and activities.

Newsagents and supermarkets have limited space, allowing them to display and sell only the most popular magazines, but our dedicated warehouse has room for thousands of mainstream and niche magazines, newspapers and trade journals. Such a broad range of stock allows you to not only find the title you're looking for with ease, but also giving you the chance to find your new favouire magazine.




Gardening Magazines

Take a look at our large range of gardening magazines!

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Garden Design Journal magazine
Garden Design Journal
3 Issues £5.00

Garden Design Journal is the only publication devoted solely to garden design, making it essential reading for those involved or interested in the subject.

BBC Gardeners World magazine
BBC Gardeners World
12 Issues £38.40
Save 33%

Well-loved gardening faces such as Alan Titchmarch and Carol Klein are regular contributors to BBC Gardeners' World, offering up handy hints and tips for every gardening season.

Garden Answers magazine
Garden Answers
13 Issues £39.00
Save 25%

Garden Answers is the inspirational monthly gardening magazine for amateur gardeners who want a beautiful garden.

Garden News magazine
Garden News
26 Issues £32.50
Save 37%

Garden News is the magazine for every gardener, bringing you everything you need to know in the garden each week. 

Magazine Subscriptions with Free Gifts

There are actually two types of free gifts you can get with magazine subscriptions from Unique Magazines.

Firstly, there's the "cover mounts" which are the items you find taped to the front of the magazine. You normally get these on magazines for kids, and they include things like water pistols, playing cards and other toys

Secondly there are the free gifts which publishers use to entice people to buy their magazine subscriptions. So this might be free golf balls with a golfing magazine, or some shopping vouchers with a fashion magazine. You can take a look at the magazine subscriptions with free gifts which we have right now. These offere change regularly, so please check back regularly.


Magazine Subscription

We have specifically designed our service to enable customers to purchase magazine subscriptions as a gift for someone.

With over 3000 magazines to choose from, there is something to suit every hobby, craft project or sport. So that's 3000 incredibly tailored gifts, which can be purchased as a subscription over a 12 month period.

Once you have selected the magazine subscriptions you would like to purchase as a gift, simply add them to your shopping basket. Then during the checkout process we will ask you for the name and delivery address where the subscription should be delivered. Over the Christmas period we give you the option to deley the delivery of the magazines until after Christmas.

Magazine Subscriptions For Kids

We have hundreds of magazines which are designed for children of all ages, right from pre-schoolers through to teenagers.

Magazines are a great tool to help young children learn literacy and numeracy skills, in a fun and engaging way. There are magazines which mirror popular television shows such as Peppa Pig or the Octonauts, as well as titles which are released to co-incide with movie releases.

We have worked with schools, colleges and universities for the past 15 years, supplying great magazine resources for use in education and saving them money. If you are looking tobuy magazines for a schools, college or university then you should definately look at our education service.

What our Customers Say

Our business has been moulded by what our customers want, and what they say to us. We value all our feedback, especially the bad stuff because that's where we can improve. Take a look at what customers have had to say about us recently, and click on the link to view all feedback (warts and all).

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Entertainment Weekly

We have alot of magazines based on the latest films and television guide

More Entertainment Magazines
Empire magazine
12 Issues £38.00
Save 33%

Empire magazine is the biggest selling, most respected film magazine on the planet.

TV & Satellite Week magazine
TV & Satellite Week
13 Issues £15.49
Save 37%

TV and Satellite Week magazine subscription boasts more daily listings for more channels than any other TV guide, it features weekly previews of the week’s best shows, films, live sports events and more.

Total Film magazine
Total Film
3 Issues £12.00
Save 26%

Total Film Magazine is a highly popular and very well known movie magazine, selling the second highest in Britain.

Entertainment Weekly magazine
Entertainment Weekly
1 Issues £2.95

Entertainment Weekly Magazine is produced and made in America it contains sections for TV, movies, books, Family entertainment and style.

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