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Family Portrait magazine
Family Portrait
2 Issues £32.18

Family Portrait is a photography magazine that delivers exactly what it says: portraits of families. These are artistic, characterful, fun, and interesting, not a boring group shot. Buy a single issue or subscription to Family Portrait magazine.

Burda Easy magazine
Burda Easy
12 Issues £104.52

Burda Easy gives you great designs and sewing patterns that produce great looking items for those who want something a little easier. You can produce great clothes from simple designs without complicated patters. Buy a single issue or subscription to Burda Easy magazine.

Children's Comics

We have a huge range of cool and colourful magazines for every child whatever their interest. Magazines are a great way to help improve reading skills away from the classroom, we have something for all ages and interests.

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National Geographic Kids magazine
National Geographic Kids
13 Issues £46.00
Save 11%

Keep children of all ages enthralled and entertained with a National Geographic Kids subscription! This issue of National Geographic Kids comes with animal mouths and seeds for bees. This issue has jaguars, sloths, Stephen Hawking, and more. There are also lots of puzzles and activities to complete. Buy a single copy or a subscription to National Geographic Kids.

Scoop magazine
6 Issues £36.00
Save 8%

Scoop is a magazine for children who love to read. It is written for children aged 7+ with stories, illustrations, and more to inspire and entertain your child as they fall in love with reading once again. Buy a single issue or subscription to Scoop magazine.

Brilliant Brainz magazine
Brilliant Brainz
12 Issues £50.00

Brilliant Brainz is a fantastic magazine aimed at children aged 6-12, featuring interesting articles, and lots of fun things to do. It features information across a range of topics, science, history, even philosophy, and more, and activities like experiments and puzzles. Buy a single issue or subscription to Brilliant Brainz magazine.

Whizz Pop Bang magazine
Whizz Pop Bang
12 Issues £50.03

 Whizz Pop Bang – the awesomely amazing science magazine for kids is packed full of engaging science features, delivering hours of educational fun each month. Buy a subscription to Whizz Pop Bang magazine. 

Eco Kids Planet magazine
Eco Kids Planet
12 Issues £46.03

 Eco Kids Planet offers a series of colourful and informative magazines aimed at 7 to 11-year olds, exploring the wonders of the natural world and our intricate relationship with it. Buy a single copy or subscription to Eco Kids Planet magazine.  

Anorak magazine
4 Issues £25.00
Save 4%

 Anorak Magazine is known as the ‘happy mag for kids’ that is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old. Buy a single copy or subscription to Anorak magazine.  

Horrible Histories magazine
Horrible Histories
10 Issues £62.00

History with all the horrible bits left in! It is packed to the brim with putrid puzzles, cruel competitions, gruesome gags, and of course foul facts. Each issue features an 8-page special and comes with a gift. This month’s issue comes with a putrid pirate set. Inside you can find the Frightful Groovy Greeks, Atilla the Hun vs Genghis Khan, Terrible Tudors, and more. Buy a single copy or a subscription to Horrible Histories Magazine.

Wordsearch Kids magazine
Wordsearch Kids
7 Issues £11.94
Save 14%

A Popular wordsearch collection specially designed for children.

Crafts Magazines

Discover everything you need to keep entertained with our huge range of craft magazines. Find easy step-by-step guides, knitting and sewing patterns, craft ideas, DIY projects, complex designs and so much more. Create, discover and improve with the help of our arts and crafts magazines.

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Mollie Makes magazine
Mollie Makes
13 Issues £63.00
Save 22%

Mollie Makes Magazine, crafting is a hobby that has conjured a massive following worldwide, and it is no surprise that the art of making crafts has become such a lovable hobby. Buy a single copy or subscription to Mollie Makes magazine.

Cross Stitch Crazy magazine
Cross Stitch Crazy
13 Issues £56.00
Save 16%

If cross stitching sends you loopy with joy then a Cross Stitch Crazy subscription is just what the doctor ordered. Buy a single copy or subscription to Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.  

Burda Style magazine
Burda Style
12 Issues £92.77

Burda Style is the monthly fashion title packed with all the designs, tips and guidance you could need to make your own outfits for men, women and children. This issue contains spring styles, a retro cocktail dress, python prints, and more. Buy a single copy or subscription to Burda Style magazine.

Simply Lettering magazine
Simply Lettering
12 Issues £92.77

Simply Lettering is a magazine dedicated to the art of lettering and calligraphy. Join a community of modern lettering and practice your penmanship and brushstrokes to create beautiful art and handwriting that you can use for crafts and in your everyday life. Buy a single issue or subscription to Simply Lettering magazine.

Hobbies & Interests Magazines

Here at Unique Magazines, we have a vast range of hobby magazines from Art Therapy to Model Making to Hi-Fi and Radio, we have everything for all your hobby needs!

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Daphne's Diary magazine
Daphne's Diary
8 Issues £23.96
Save 50%

Buy a single copy or subscription to Daphne’s Diary magazine.   PLEASE NOTE: All UK subscriptions start with the next issue 03, due on sale on 14th April 2020.

Relax With Art magazine
Relax With Art
13 Issues £29.90
Save 23%

The art therapy craze continues with this monthly colouring title!  

Hornby magazine
12 Issues £44.99
Save 20%

Hornby is about the model railway for the model train enthusiast. For both beginner and those loving the hobby for years, get new ideas for setting up your railway. Buy a single copy or subscription to Hornby magazine.

The Woodworker magazine
The Woodworker
13 Issues £45.99
Save 32%

For the home woodworker, who nurtures this beautiful craft, the Woodworker magazine can easily become your guide and philosopher.

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