Kids are spending more and more time looking at screens. Parents are busy, often working and there’s always something that needs doing around the house. Children want to play on their consoles, watch YouTube on their tablets, and talk to their friends on skype and facetime, so parents let them. However, screens and devices are damaging imagination in young children and we as a society are becoming more aware of the effects that screens are having on our children.

Video-games in particular are causing problems for parents. Fortnite is a global phenomenon that has dominated children’s attention over the last year, and its not the only game kids are playing. Many parents are concerned about the violent nature of many of these games, often designed to addict, and how moods change when played for an extended time. Video-games can be great, but limits need to be set, and children are going far beyond the recommended limits.

Canadian researchers concluded that children aged 5 to 17 should spend 2 hours or less per day in front of a screen, a target that many are missing . Not only does screen time often leave less time for sleep, it can make sleep more difficult. The blue light emitted by screens and the content (exciting games and shows) increase alertness, making it harder to get to sleep . This is true for everyone, but sleep is essential for the development and growth of children, they really need to get enough good quality sleep.

Obesity is also major concern for parents, most children are failing to meet the recommended time for physical activity of one hour a day. When children spend hours a day in front of screens, is it really any wonder they aren’t getting exercise?

Screens also mean less physical playing, less family time, less reading, and other fun and beneficial activities. This is why many parents are beginning to limit screen time, many companies such as Microsoft are offering in built screen time monitors. Parents want real alternatives to video-games and social media for their children, for variety and support.

This is why we created The Comic Club for children aged 7 to 11. This is a subscription service that delivers 2 hand picked magazines to your child once a month along with an activity sheet to complete. Our aim is to give children a product they will love, and parents a product that they know will help their child’s learning, creativity, and awareness of the world around them.

The content and the activities are driven by the magazines, so children will truly engage with the content and learn to appreciate the subject, as well as how reading can be fun and helpful. The activity sheet will have 6 activities with a vast range of things to do. They encourage creativity with art, reading and writing skills, imaginative play, outdoor activities, critical thinking, and awareness. Examples of the activities include writing stories, drawing pictures, and going for a walk spotting things related to the magazines.

The magazines we choose are all high quality with educational content that is fun and engaging. They are worth keeping as kids will love to come back to them, and they’re a great resource when you need facts and ideas for homework. Magazines such as National Geographic Kids, Whizz Pop Bang, and Brilliant Brainz will feature, all high quality, fun magazines that also teach your children something useful. The magazines themselves also contain fun activities that children can do, so there is lots to be enjoyed.

We are also committed to biodegradable and recyclable packaging, peace of mind for you and it instils good values that your child will consider as they grow up. This is very important to us as the ocean fills up with plastics, so our product does not pollute and take up space for hundreds of years.

Kids look for freedom, a challenge, and relationships , something they might turn to video-games for incorrectly. We have offered all of these in one fun product that doesn’t involve screens or fantasy violence. Children subscribed to the Comic Club can choose which of our activities to do, each activity is its own challenge, and parents and friends can get involved too. There a few things more satisfying than making something or working through a task with your child, especially when they have learned to do parts themselves.

The Comic Club is the perfect product that gives kids something to do when you’re busy and gives you family activities that can be enjoyed together. Support your child’s learning and literacy skills, while weening them off devices that could be damaging their progress, and most importantly give them something fun.

Subscribe to the Comic Club if you are looking for family engagement, and a real alternative to screens that kids love.

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