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Magazine Subscription Management for Libraries

Are you responsible for managing the purchasing, logging and renewal of magazine subscriptions for a library, and would you like to reduce costs and slash administration time?

We are sure our magazine subscription management service for libraries will save you time and money.

We have been managing subscriptions for Libraries for nearly a decade, giving us a unique understanding of what libraries need.

Every library we have worked with has suffered the same issues, which are:

  1. Dealing with dozens of individual publishers is time consuming
  2. Making payments for subscriptions to seperate companies leads to additional Purchase Order and Invoicing paperwork
  3. Keeping track of all the seperate subscriptions and renewal dates is difficult
  4. Subscriptions can lapse if the renewal dates are missed, resulting in upset library users
  5. With government cut backs, there are less staff to deal with subscription management

We know that it is extremely important for a library to have a reliable supplier of publications and literature, which is what we aim to achieve with our highly professional team dedicated to giving brilliant service.

Our service gives you access to over 3000 publications covering many topics including history, sports, entertainment, current affairs and events and music. From our store, you can access thousands of popular and hard to find publications from across the globe.

No title is too niche - if we don't have the title you are looking for in our store, just contact us and let us know the magazine title and we will help you track it down. Whether you need to subscribe to just one magazine or 200, we know how to keep it easy.

Our experience has shown us that library managers are working to ever tightening budgets. We are able to access huge savings on magazines, and we will work with you to identify alternate magazines with bigger savings to maximise on your available budget.

Service Checklist

  • Over 3000 Magazines from over 200 publishers in one store
  • The UK's leading supplier of magazine subscriptions to schools and libraries
  • One point of contact, one order, one invoice, no hassle
  • We deal with the individual publishers and organise renewals to meet your schedule
  • You will never have to chase up a missing or late issue again. We handle everything for you.
  • Huge Savings on normal magazine cover price
  • Secure and Safe
  • No administration of subscription management fees
  • We can help source hard to find titles, and import foreign magazines from abroad

Magazines most popular with Library Customers

Below is a selection of the most popular magazines with our library customers. We have customers who order a handful of titles for individual libraries, right through to buying groups ordering 100s of magazine titles for dozens of individual library branches.

Amateur Photographer magazine
Amateur Photographer

From portrait to product photography and nature to events, there’s no shortage of advice for budding shot snappers in Amateur Photographer.

House Beautiful magazine
House Beautiful

House Beautiful is aimed firmly at those who have great aspirations for their own living space, it is practical, creative, encouraging, money-conscious and informative.  

Men's Health magazine
Men's Health

Whether you’ve found yourself stuck in the same workout rut or need the inspiration to take your first steps back into exercise after some time away, a Men’s Health subscription contains fresh ideas, motivational features and insider tips to help you turn your body into a temple.

Jacqueline Wilson magazine
Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is an English writer, popular for her work in children’s literature.

How it Works magazine
How it Works

How It Works is the action-packed science and technology magazine bursting with exciting information about the world around us. Be inspired by everything from the planet’s most bizarre creatures and unusual phenomena to the incredible technologies advancing and enhancing our modern lives.

Match magazine

MATCH magazine gives you all the football news, interviews, gossip and stats every week, plus all the info on YOUR favourite team.

Psychologies magazine

Psychologies Magazine is a full colour, glossy women’s magazine published Monthly and is “The magazine for those who want to know more and grow more”.

What Car? magazine
What Car?

It's been Britain's biggest and best car buyer's guide for 40 years - it can only be What Car?  

Making Libraries Relevant In Times Of Change.

Over the years we have seen how library managers have had to be more creative with their budgets, and try to stretch their funds as far as they will go. Andrew Fletcher, area manager for Newcastle upon Tyne libraries in the west of the city tells The Subscriber how magazines are playing an important role in making libraries relevant in times of change.

The difficulties faced by libraries during this time of austerity are well documented, and nowhere has this been more apparent than in Newcastle-UponTyne. But library manager Andrew Fletcher believes magazines are helping to engage with a whole new audience.

With responsibility for nine libraries in the west of Newcastle as well as oversight of the Stock Services department, he is charged with ensuring the library service serves the community on its doorstep.

Our stock really needs to reflect the changing demands of the community, and i's important that we move with the times
We measure our success by the number of people visiting and using the library on a daily or weekly basis but also as a tool for learning. To achieve that people need to feel there’s something of interest to them at their local branch.

For Andrew this means providing a balanced stock at every library including a supply of current magazine titles. He continues:

We've promoted magazines by locating them close to comfy seating areas, typically near to the café or coffee machines. I suppose you could describe them as ‘break-out areas’ where people can relax and enjoy reading material that is easy to dip in and out of. The last few years have seen a change in the perception of magazines as a way to promote greater literacy and develop positive reading habits, and by stocking a range of interest-led titles - from lifestyle to gardening, and motoring to cookery - we are able to attract those who wouldn’t have considered themselves 'library-goers' before.

Andrew identifies popular culture magazines as playing a key role in dispelling the myth that libraries are formal facilities, and he is keen to stress the positive impact they have had with children in particular. Andrew continues:

As a way of enticing young readers into the library and encouraging them to read more widely, magazines are a fantastic resource. We are finding that the right magazines give young readers a taste for a subject, encouraging them to then go and explore their library further. For example, we might see readers of National Geographic Kids or BBC Wildlife becoming immersed in a particular topic and, before you know it, they are scouring the library for non-fiction titles, or using a computer to develop this knowledge further. By selecting a broad range of titles based on informal feedback from visitors, we can use magazines to provide a pathway to all kinds of subjects.

The need to keep the libraries of Newcastle current and appealing to both adults and children presents a particular challenge for Andrew and his team. With over 100 magazines and journals stocked in the Central Library alone each month, it is both a logistical and financial challenge for an institution facing budgetary restrictions in times of austerity. Library subscriptions had previously been handled through a number of different suppliers in Newcastle, but after some of the branch libraries switched to a single subscription service managed by Unique Magazines, Andrew says it wasn't long before he was convinced of the benefits they could offer.

To those unsure what kind of impact magazines can have in developing the next generation of educated and literate readers, Andrew points to a library visit of best-selling children’s author Tom Palmer. Andrew comments:

We had Tom in to give a talk on his latest book and run a workshop with some local school children at one of the libraries. It was interesting to hear how he'd actually come to books quite late in life. Apparently he'd spent most of his childhood reading magazines, and without the enjoyment of his favourite weekly and monthly titles, he might never have turned his hand to writing himself. Even now, he says he still likes to use magazines in his workshops because of the speed with which they can engage young readers. And I suppose therein lies the powers of magazines to young readers, they are a pathway to books that the Internet or smartphones might never fully replicate.

How about a Digital Solution?

Many institutions are looking towards the future and searching for a digital solution. Lots of libraries within schools, colleges and Universities are now offering students access to thousands of electronic books that offer crucial information for their studies.

If library users are already reading these books on their tablets; it’s very likely that they will also enjoy reading digital magazines. With no due dates, waiting lists or fees, students can keep updated on the latest news and gossip on their tablet devices.

Unique Magazines are working closely with Magzter, The World’s Leading Digital Newsstand to offer a digital solution to libraries with e-magazines for their students. These digital magazines will work on a wide range of devices including ipads, iphones, and kindles.

This digital solution is a cost effective alternative to buying a paper subscription, these magazines will allow your students to read their favourite titles in digital format month after month and enjoy any previously purchased back issues.

Testimonials from our Library Customers

Unique Magazine's knowledge and understanding of the world of publishing has enabled Wirral Libraries to obtain periodical titles at discount prices, providing best value for library customers and substantial savings on our library budget. Instead of dealing with numerous suppliers we now receive our periodicals from one supplier, Unique magazines, helping us to both reduce administration costs and save on valuable staff time. Unique Magazines enable you to manage your periodical budget efficiently and streamline the provision of periodicals to your library.
The website was easy to use and for a Local Authority it was useful to be able to source several titles from one Supplier and have the facility to pay by cheque rather than credit card.
We purchase a wide range of magazines and journals to supplement the learning and teaching within the college, but also for personal interest for our students. Unique helps us provide a wide value of money range that assists in creating a library which is a space for learning, relaxing, meeting and enjoying reading which is very important to us.
We have always found Unique provide an excellent service in every respect. Choice for periodicals, Customer service polite, friendly, prompt exceedingly helpful, Competitive pricing

Are you interested in providing your library patrons with some of the best magazines available whilst saving time and money?

As previously mentioned we have worked with libraries over the last 10 years managing their magazine subscriptions, so we know that what library managers want is the best magazine resources with the least hassle and administrational overhead.

With that in mind we have a simple four step process, which gives you exactly what you need, and we do all the leg work.

Step One
Visit our web store to learn more about which magazines will work with your institution. Our magazines are broken down into various categories, and when you click through to a title - it’ll give you a description about the product. If you aren't sure which magazines to subscribe to, you could take a look at our Primary and Secondary school subscription packages listed further up this page, or get in touch with our customer service team to discuss your specific needs and we will work to identify the magazine titles most relevant for your institution.
Step Two
Ring us on 0845 303 6750 or email enquiries@uniquemagazines.co.uk where our excellent customer service team will put a quote together for you. Our team has years of experience working with schools and teachers to identify the titles which will be the greatest benefit to their schools and their students.
Step Three
Once your list of magazine titles has been drawn up, and you are happy with the selection you have chosen, we will invoice you for those subscriptions. Your magazine subscriptions will start immediately, or if you wish to delay until the start of a particular term we can manage that for you. We will liase with the publishers to provide you with accurate subscription start and end dates, as well as the first and last magazine issue numbers.
Step Four
We will manage the subscription process for you and monitor the status of your subscriptions. None of your subscriptions will automatically renew. Instead, when your magazine subscriptions are nearing their completion we will work with you to determine which magazine subscriptions you would like to renew, as well as any new magazine titles you would like to subscribe to.

Common Questions about our Library Subscription Management Service

  • Can we build our own magazine package?

    If you have a list of titles in mind, by all means you can send your list of titles and we will create a package for you, or simply ring us on 0845 303 6750 and we can provide guidance on which publications are suitable for your Library.

  • What is the range of magazines you offer to educational establishments?

    Our full range of over 3,000 magazine titles, with a vast majority being age appropriate in various subjects, interests and hobbies is available for subscription to educational facilities. In some cases we have access to special subscription discounts which are only available to educational establishments.

  • Will our magazine subscriptions automatically renew?

    We understand that many customers are concerned that subscriptions may auto renew every year, whether they are still needed or now. This is not the case with our service. Once your subscription has finished, we'll contact you to ask if you would like to carry on with your subscriptions, or change magazines, or add additional magazines to your order. We understand the magazines come in and out of style and that the school might need different titles as lesson plans are developed and adapted to use other magazine resources.

  • Are we able to setup magazines as prizes or student rewards?

    Yes of course, and this is a very popular service that we offer. Just let us know where and to whom you need the magazines to be sent to and we will set everything up.

  • Can you supply a list of age appropriate titles?

    Yes. If you send us a quick email to enquiries@uniquemagazines.co.uk or contact us on 0845 303 6750 we can send you a list of titles.

  • Is there a minimum order value?

    Not at all. You can subscribe to a single magazine, or to dozens of titles, and you will still benefit from our exceptional subscription management service for educational establishments.

  • What if we have an existing subscription already in place?

    Don't worry. We can link up your new subscription with your existing one so you don’t miss out on any issues or receive any duplication.

  • When can we expect our first issue?

    If we supply the magazines from our warehouse, we can supply your first issue within 2 to 3 days. If you are after monthlies from a supplier, your next issue will be delivered from the next issue available. Weeklies however can take from up to 3 to 4 weeks.

  • When we order, can we deliver to different departments?

    If you email us or ring us up, we can guarantee separate magazines being sent to different departments within your institution. You can also set this up online through our web store.

  • Are we able to trial magazines with single issues?

    Of course, we offer single copies on a majority of our magazines. If you would like to purchase a single copy of a magazine in order to validate it's potential as a teaching resource, we can arrange that for you.

  • Do your costs include admin fees?

    We do not take any admin fees or service changes. So you can simply buy the magazines that you need and not worry about anything else.

  • How do we pay?

    We are happy to invoice for the subscriptions and are flexible to fall in line with your procurement procedures. We also accept Credit or Debit Cards, Cheques and BACs payments.

  • How often do we pay?

    If you have signed up for 3 months, 6 months or even a 12 month magazine subscription, you are only paying a one off sum. As the end of the subscription approaches, we’ll contact you to see if you would like to continue with your titles or change them.

That's All Folks

We've told you about our service, and now all we need to do is tell what the next steps are so that you can take advantage of our service.

That is everything we think you need to know about our subscription management service for libraries.

We now invite you to get in touch to discuss your individual needs, and take our service for a test drive. The details on the right are for your first point of contact, Ben Cooper. Please give Ben a call, or drop him an email to start the conversation about your magazine subscription needs.

Contact Ben Cooper

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 270 2807

Email: john.porrett@uniquemagazines.co.uk