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The puzzle world, is somewhat huge, being an important part of many people’s daily life.

A Harvard health report suggests that brain-stimulating challenges such as crosswords may ‘help sharpen certain thinking skills. This includes planning skills, decision making and short-term memory. Sudoku is also known to flex memory functions.’

So, for a fun, stimulating gift, which also actually creates life changing impacts on wellbeing, pick from one of our amazing puzzle books. Don't worry, this is definitely not our only options. For all the puzzle fanatics out there, check out the full collection (it may take a while)!

10000 Word Puzzles magazine
10000 Word Puzzles
12 Issues £116.86
300 Fiendish Sudoku Puzzles magazine
300 Fiendish Sudoku Puzzles
6 Issues £32.00
500 Sudoku Puzzles magazine
500 Sudoku Puzzles
6 Issues £32.00
600 Sudoku Puzzles magazine
600 Sudoku Puzzles
6 Issues £37.25
Lovatts Big Crossword magazine
Lovatts Big Crossword
12 Issues £71.96
Lovatts Puzzle Collection magazine
Lovatts Puzzle Collection
6 Issues £40.83
Lucky Seven Crossword Collection magazine
Lucky Seven Crossword Collection
12 Issues £63.67
Pocket Sudoku Collection magazine
Pocket Sudoku Collection
6 Issues £34.45
Sudoku Puzzles magazine
Sudoku Puzzles
13 Issues £65.87
Take a Break Sudoku magazine
Take a Break Sudoku
6 Issues £30.22
Take a Puzzle magazine
Take a Puzzle
12 Issues £67.49
The Big Puzzle magazine
The Big Puzzle
6 Issues £34.45
The Big Sudoku Collection magazine
The Big Sudoku Collection
6 Issues £37.58
The Ultimate Collection Pocket Sudoku Puzzles magazine
The Ultimate Collection Pocket Sudoku Puzzles
6 Issues £27.67
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