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Challenge your mind and enjoy endless hours of entertainment with our selection of puzzle magazines. Whether you're a serious puzzler looking to train your brain or simply enjoy solving puzzles during long journeys, we have the perfect magazine for you. From sudoku and word searches to crosswords and more, our puzzle magazines offer a diverse array of brain-teasing challenges to suit every preference. Pick up a copy and let the fun begin!

10000 Word Puzzles magazine
10000 Word Puzzles
12 Issues £116.86
200 Pocket Crosswords magazine
200 Pocket Crosswords
6 Issues £35.09
200 Pocket Wordsearches magazine
200 Pocket Wordsearches
6 Issues £35.09
300 Fiendish Sudoku Puzzles magazine
300 Fiendish Sudoku Puzzles
6 Issues £32.00
500 Sudoku Puzzles magazine
500 Sudoku Puzzles
6 Issues £32.00
5000 Words Wordsearch magazine
5000 Words Wordsearch
12 Issues £59.05
600 Sudoku Puzzles magazine
600 Sudoku Puzzles
6 Issues £37.25
7000 Word Crosswords magazine
7000 Word Crosswords
12 Issues £68.77
Big Sudoku Puzzle magazine
Big Sudoku Puzzle
6 Issues £32.00
Big Wordsearch magazine
Big Wordsearch
12 Issues £59.84
Bumper Big Criss Cross magazine
Bumper Big Criss Cross
12 Issues £60.60
Bumper Big Crossword magazine
Bumper Big Crossword
12 Issues £59.84
Bumper Big Word Search magazine
Bumper Big Word Search
12 Issues £62.26
Bumper Just Wordsearch magazine
Bumper Just Wordsearch
12 Issues £62.26
Bumper Top Wordsearch magazine
Bumper Top Wordsearch
12 Issues £63.41
Chat Arrowords magazine
Chat Arrowords
12 Issues £61.11
Chat Puzzle Faves magazine
Chat Puzzle Faves
12 Issues £64.94
Classic Sudoku Selection magazine
Classic Sudoku Selection
4 Issues £23.53
Crosswords in large print magazine
Crosswords in large print
6 Issues £33.82
Eclipse Mega Monthly Wordsearch  magazine
Eclipse Mega Monthly Wordsearch
12 Issues £57.21
Eclipse Tear n Share Codebreakers magazine
Eclipse Tear n Share Codebreakers
12 Issues £59.92
Eclipse Tear n Share Crosswords magazine
Eclipse Tear n Share Crosswords
12 Issues £59.92
Eclipse Tear N Share Sudoku magazine
Eclipse Tear N Share Sudoku
12 Issues £55.86
Eclipse Tear N Share Wordsearch magazine
Eclipse Tear N Share Wordsearch
12 Issues £55.86
Enigmistica In magazine
Enigmistica In
12 Issues £84.08
Everyday Arrowwords magazine
Everyday Arrowwords
6 Issues £26.84
Everyday Codewords magazine
Everyday Codewords
6 Issues £26.84
Everyday Crosswords magazine
Everyday Crosswords
6 Issues £26.84
Everyday Pocket Puzzles magazine
Everyday Pocket Puzzles
6 Issues £27.67
Everyday Pocket Wordsearches magazine
Everyday Pocket Wordsearches
6 Issues £27.67
Everyday Puzzles Collection magazine
Everyday Puzzles Collection
6 Issues £33.82
Everyday Wordsearches magazine
Everyday Wordsearches
6 Issues £26.84
Everyday Wordsearches Collection magazine
Everyday Wordsearches Collection
6 Issues £33.82
Family Codewords magazine
Family Codewords
12 Issues £67.49
Family Criss Cross magazine
Family Criss Cross
12 Issues £63.28
Family Criss Cross Jumbo magazine
Family Criss Cross Jumbo
12 Issues £66.22
Family Crossword Jumbo magazine
Family Crossword Jumbo
12 Issues £64.94
Family Puzzle World magazine
Family Puzzle World
12 Issues £64.05
Family Wordsearch magazine
Family Wordsearch
12 Issues £64.56
Family Wordsearch Hide and Seek magazine
Family Wordsearch Hide and Seek
12 Issues £61.11
Family Wordsearch Jumbo magazine
Family Wordsearch Jumbo
12 Issues £64.94
Gold Sudoku Collection magazine
Gold Sudoku Collection
6 Issues £34.13
Il Mese Enigmistico magazine
Il Mese Enigmistico
12 Issues £84.08
Junior Puzzles magazine
Junior Puzzles
6 Issues £36.05
Just Arrows Plus magazine
Just Arrows Plus
12 Issues £61.11
Just Codebreaks magazine
Just Codebreaks
12 Issues £61.11
Just Criss Cross magazine
Just Criss Cross
12 Issues £61.11
Just Crosswords magazine
Just Crosswords
12 Issues £61.11
Just Wordsearch magazine
Just Wordsearch
12 Issues £61.11
Killer Sudoku magazine
Killer Sudoku
12 Issues £74.34
Lovatts Big Crossword magazine
Lovatts Big Crossword
12 Issues £71.96
Lovatts Colossus Crosswords magazine
Lovatts Colossus Crosswords
12 Issues £71.96
Lovatts Mega Crosswords magazine
Lovatts Mega Crosswords
6 Issues £36.05
Lovatts Puzzle Collection magazine
Lovatts Puzzle Collection
6 Issues £40.83
Lucky Seven Crossword Collection magazine
Lucky Seven Crossword Collection
12 Issues £63.67
Lucky Seven Wordsearch magazine
Lucky Seven Wordsearch
12 Issues £61.75
Original Sudoku magazine
Original Sudoku
8 Issues £58.56
Platinum Sudoku Collection magazine
Platinum Sudoku Collection
6 Issues £34.13
Pocket Codewords Special magazine
Pocket Codewords Special
6 Issues £26.84
Pocket Crosswords Special magazine
Pocket Crosswords Special
6 Issues £26.84
Pocket Sudoku Collection magazine
Pocket Sudoku Collection
6 Issues £34.45
Pocket Wordsearches Special magazine
Pocket Wordsearches Special
6 Issues £26.84
Popular Puzzles  magazine
Popular Puzzles
12 Issues £57.93
Premium Codeword Puzzles magazine
Premium Codeword Puzzles
12 Issues £71.40
Premium Crossword Puzzles magazine
Premium Crossword Puzzles
12 Issues £68.11
Premium Sudoku Puzzles magazine
Premium Sudoku Puzzles
12 Issues £71.40
Premium Wordsearch Puzzles magazine
Premium Wordsearch Puzzles
12 Issues £71.40
Puzzle Annual Special  magazine
Puzzle Annual Special
12 Issues £75.02
Puzzle Compendium magazine
Puzzle Compendium
10 Issues £68.28
Puzzlelife Collection magazine
Puzzlelife Collection
12 Issues £69.28
Puzzlelife Criss Cross Super magazine
Puzzlelife Criss Cross Super
12 Issues £62.26
Puzzlelife Crossword Super magazine
Puzzlelife Crossword Super
12 Issues £55.37
Puzzlelife Killer Sudoku magazine
Puzzlelife Killer Sudoku
6 Issues £29.39
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Codewords magazine
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Codewords
12 Issues £63.67
Puzzlelife Puzzlepad Crossword magazine
Puzzlelife Puzzlepad Crossword
12 Issues £63.67
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Mixed Puzzles magazine
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Mixed Puzzles
12 Issues £63.67
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Sudoku magazine
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Sudoku
12 Issues £63.67
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Wordsearch magazine
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Wordsearch
12 Issues £63.67
Puzzlelife Sudoku Extreme magazine
Puzzlelife Sudoku Extreme
12 Issues £59.29
Puzzlelife Sudoku Fiendish  magazine
Puzzlelife Sudoku Fiendish
12 Issues £59.29
Puzzlelife Sudoku Moderate  magazine
Puzzlelife Sudoku Moderate
12 Issues £59.29
Puzzlelife Sudoku Super magazine
Puzzlelife Sudoku Super
12 Issues £62.26
Puzzlelife Sudoku Tricky magazine
Puzzlelife Sudoku Tricky
12 Issues £59.29
Puzzlelife Wordsearch Hide and Seek magazine
Puzzlelife Wordsearch Hide and Seek
12 Issues £54.15
Puzzler magazine
12 Issues £71.70
Puzzler Arrowords magazine
Puzzler Arrowords
13 Issues £76.28
Puzzler Codewords magazine
Puzzler Codewords
13 Issues £72.28
Puzzler Collection magazine
Puzzler Collection
12 Issues £79.36
Puzzler Kids Collection magazine
Puzzler Kids Collection
4 Issues £25.10
Puzzler Kriss Kross magazine
Puzzler Kriss Kross
12 Issues £66.73
Puzzler Logic Problems magazine
Puzzler Logic Problems
12 Issues £73.06
Puzzler Mammoth Family Wordsearch magazine
Puzzler Mammoth Family Wordsearch
12 Issues £72.98
Puzzler Pocket Codewords Collection magazine
Puzzler Pocket Codewords Collection
12 Issues £62.48
Puzzler Pocket Wordsearch Collection magazine
Puzzler Pocket Wordsearch Collection
13 Issues £63.52
Puzzler Presents magazine
Puzzler Presents
12 Issues £100.53
Puzzler Q Coffee Break Crosswords magazine
Puzzler Q Coffee Break Crosswords
12 Issues £58.44
13 Issues £67.67
Puzzler Q Wordsearch magazine
Puzzler Q Wordsearch
15 Issues £94.86
Puzzler Special magazine
Puzzler Special
12 Issues £90.33
Puzzler Sudoku magazine
Puzzler Sudoku
12 Issues £71.70
Puzzler Suguru magazine
Puzzler Suguru
12 Issues £65.41
Puzzler Tea Break Crosswords magazine
Puzzler Tea Break Crosswords
12 Issues £66.73
Puzzler Wordsearch magazine
Puzzler Wordsearch
13 Issues £79.05
Q Kriss Kross magazine
Q Kriss Kross
12 Issues £70.94
Quick Crosswords magazine
Quick Crosswords
6 Issues £32.86
Relax With Crosswords magazine
Relax With Crosswords
6 Issues £27.86
Relax With Sudoku magazine
Relax With Sudoku
6 Issues £27.86
Relax With Wordsearches magazine
Relax With Wordsearches
12 Issues £55.59
Spring Holiday Sudoku magazine
Spring Holiday Sudoku
1 Issues £8.54
Sudoku Champion magazine
Sudoku Champion
6 Issues £29.39
Sudoku Grand Masters magazine
Sudoku Grand Masters
6 Issues £29.39
Sudoku Monthly magazine
Sudoku Monthly
12 Issues £58.65
Sudoku Puzzles magazine
Sudoku Puzzles
13 Issues £66.70
Sudoku Selection magazine
Sudoku Selection
12 Issues £66.86
Sudoku Time magazine
Sudoku Time
6 Issues £29.39
Sudoku Variations magazine
Sudoku Variations
6 Issues £29.39
TAB Mini Arrowwords Collection  magazine
TAB Mini Arrowwords Collection
12 Issues £58.65
TAB Mini Codebreakers Collection  magazine
TAB Mini Codebreakers Collection
12 Issues £58.65
TAB Mini Crosswords Collection magazine
TAB Mini Crosswords Collection
12 Issues £58.65
TAB Mini Puzzle Mix Collection magazine
TAB Mini Puzzle Mix Collection
12 Issues £58.65
TAB Mini Sudoku Collection magazine
TAB Mini Sudoku Collection
12 Issues £59.92
TAB Mini Wordsearch Collection  magazine
TAB Mini Wordsearch Collection
12 Issues £58.65
TAB My Favourite Puzzles magazine
TAB My Favourite Puzzles
12 Issues £64.94
TAB Wordsearches Collection magazine
TAB Wordsearches Collection
12 Issues £67.49
Take A Break Arrowwords magazine
Take A Break Arrowwords
12 Issues £64.05
Take a Break Codebreakers magazine
Take a Break Codebreakers
12 Issues £64.56
Take A Break Crisscross Collection magazine
Take A Break Crisscross Collection
12 Issues £67.49
Take a Break Crossword Collection magazine
Take a Break Crossword Collection
12 Issues £67.49
Take a Break Hide n Seek Wordsearch magazine
Take a Break Hide n Seek Wordsearch
12 Issues £63.67
Take a Break Picture Arrowwords magazine
Take a Break Picture Arrowwords
12 Issues £59.03
Take a break Prize Puzzle Pack  magazine
Take a break Prize Puzzle Pack
12 Issues £82.64
Take a Break Puzzle Selection magazine
Take a Break Puzzle Selection
12 Issues £69.66
Take A Break Seasonal Puzzle Collection magazine
Take A Break Seasonal Puzzle Collection
12 Issues £85.10
Take a Break Sudoku magazine
Take a Break Sudoku
12 Issues £58.91
Take a Break Wordsearch magazine
Take a Break Wordsearch
12 Issues £64.56
Take a Crossword magazine
Take a Crossword
12 Issues £67.88
Take a Puzzle magazine
Take a Puzzle
12 Issues £67.88
The Big Crosswords Magazine magazine
The Big Crosswords Magazine
6 Issues £35.09
The Big Puzzle magazine
The Big Puzzle
6 Issues £34.45
The Big Sudoku Collection magazine
The Big Sudoku Collection
6 Issues £37.58
The Big Wordsearch Collection magazine
The Big Wordsearch Collection
6 Issues £37.58
The Big Wordsearches magazine
The Big Wordsearches
6 Issues £34.45
The Ultimate Collection Pocket Sudoku Puzzles magazine
The Ultimate Collection Pocket Sudoku Puzzles
6 Issues £27.67
Totally Sudoku magazine
Totally Sudoku
14 Issues £99.41
Wordsearch Fun magazine
Wordsearch Fun
6 Issues £33.82
Wordsearch Kids magazine
Wordsearch Kids
6 Issues £27.67
Wordsearch Puzzles magazine
Wordsearch Puzzles
6 Issues £26.84
Wordsearches in Large Print magazine
Wordsearches in Large Print
6 Issues £33.82
Yet Another Criss Cross magazine
Yet Another Criss Cross
6 Issues £31.20
Yet Another Puzzle  magazine
Yet Another Puzzle
1 Issues £6.16
Yet Another Wordsearch magazine
Yet Another Wordsearch
6 Issues £31.20
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