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Jazzwise Presents - NO 01

Jazzwise presents this one-shot, including the 100 jazz albums that shook the world forever.

Jazzwise Presents - NO 01

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  • Frequency:Irregular, 1 per year
  • Current Issue:Issue 06 (out of stock)
  • Barcode:978173997968306
  • Related Topics: Music

Jazzwise Presents is no longer available

Jazzwise Presents is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About Jazzwise Presents Magazine

Published by Jon Newey, this editor wanted to create a jazz chart including all albums that changed Jazz as we know it due to high demand for this, from people invested in this genre of music. From Miles Davis, Tubby Hayes and Jaco Pastorius, this magazine has 100 faces that have made true marks on the jazz world, through the masterpieces they created and preformed. Remembering each of these albums and appreciating the passionate work of artists is essential. Go back in time to remember the time of your life when your favourite jazz album was dropped, or the artwork of an unexpected artist making a come up. Grab your exclusive one shot now. 

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