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Explore a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for your beloved companions with our collection of animal and pet magazines. Whether you're a devoted dog or cat owner, a passionate pigeon fancier, a bird enthusiast, or a dedicated fish keeper, we have the perfect magazine for you.   Dive into our diverse range of publications covering topics ranging from canine care and feline wellness to avian husbandry, pig rearing, and the art of fishkeeping. Find invaluable advice, tips, and insights to ensure the health, happiness, and well-being of your animal companions.  

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Bird Watching magazine
Bird Watching
12 Issues £97.47
Birdwatch magazine
12 Issues £100.53
British Homing World magazine
British Homing World
52 Issues £222.91
Cage and Aviary Birds magazine
Cage and Aviary Birds
52 Issues £223.83
Edition Dog magazine
Edition Dog
12 Issues £85.99
Modern Dog magazine
Modern Dog
4 Issues £42.11
Our Dogs magazine
Our Dogs
52 Issues £282.58
Practical Fishkeeping magazine
Practical Fishkeeping
12 Issues £100.53
Practical Pigs magazine
Practical Pigs
4 Issues £27.27
Racing Pigeon Pictorial magazine
Racing Pigeon Pictorial
4 Issues £29.18
Wunderdog magazine
2 Issues £30.24
Your Dog magazine
Your Dog
12 Issues £87.78
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