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History Magazine Subscriptions

For those who love history we have this range of magazines. These are all great publications that give you insight on how the world used to be, written by experts. Find a subscription here to learn more about history with information delivered to your door.

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All About History magazine
All About History
12 Issues £102.49
America Civil War magazine
America Civil War
4 Issues £37.40
Ancient Egypt magazine
Ancient Egypt
6 Issues £49.40
Ancient Greece magazine
Ancient Greece
1 Issues £11.90
Ancient History magazine
Ancient History
6 Issues £56.03
Aviation History magazine
Aviation History
4 Issues £41.65
BBC History magazine
BBC History
13 Issues £121.24
BBC History Revealed magazine
BBC History Revealed
13 Issues £107.42
Best of British magazine
Best of British
12 Issues £92.54
Bringing History to Life magazine
Bringing History to Life
6 Issues £76.87
Bringing History To Life Collection magazine
Bringing History To Life Collection
1 Issues £16.15
Civil War Times Magazine magazine
Civil War Times Magazine
4 Issues £41.65
Curious Minds Series magazine
Curious Minds Series
12 Issues £166.35
Eaten magazine
3 Issues £54.48
Everything You Need To Know magazine
Everything You Need To Know
12 Issues £119.87
Family Tree magazine
Family Tree
12 Issues £103.13
Haunted magazine
4 Issues £34.28
History Of Christmas magazine
History Of Christmas
1 Issues £16.15
History of War magazine
History of War
12 Issues £96.11
History Revealed Collector's Edition magazine
History Revealed Collector's Edition
4 Issues £48.49
History Scotland magazine
History Scotland
6 Issues £44.94
History Today magazine
History Today
12 Issues £113.71
History's Unsolved Mysteries  magazine
History's Unsolved Mysteries
1 Issues £12.96
Inside History Collection magazine
Inside History Collection
4 Issues £51.29
Medal News magazine
Medal News
12 Issues £83.35
Memory Lane North East  magazine
Memory Lane North East
1 Issues £5.25
Military Heritage magazine
Military Heritage
4 Issues £48.03
Military History magazine
Military History
6 Issues £68.79
National Geographic Collectors Edition magazine
National Geographic Collectors Edition
12 Issues £153.60
National Geographic History magazine
National Geographic History
6 Issues £64.11
Smithsonian Collectives magazine
Smithsonian Collectives
12 Issues £141.65
The American Scholar magazine
The American Scholar
4 Issues £43.21
The Secret War magazine
The Secret War
1 Issues £12.27
Wartime Christmas  magazine
Wartime Christmas
1 Issues £12.27
Who Do You Think You Are magazine
Who Do You Think You Are
12 Issues £89.73
World at War magazine
World at War
6 Issues £75.17
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