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Inclusivity Magazines

Discover the power of inclusivity with our range of magazines dedicated to providing equal access and opportunities for all. These publications serve as platforms to educate and build community, fostering habits that prioritise inclusivity as a fundamental value. From advocating for diversity to celebrating individuality, these magazines inspire us to embrace and champion inclusivity in all aspects of life.

BUTT magazine
2 Issues £21.15
Cero magazine
2 Issues £49.92
First News magazine
First News
52 Issues £239.86
Foreign Affairs magazine
Foreign Affairs
6 Issues £109.52
Gay & Lesbian Review  magazine
Gay & Lesbian Review
6 Issues £56.46
Happiful magazine
12 Issues £100.53
Justsmile magazine
2 Issues £47.79
Notion magazine
2 Issues £20.15
The Economist magazine
The Economist
52 Issues £550.15
WIRED magazine
6 Issues £58.50
Yummy  magazine
1 Issues £88.84
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