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Analysing, reading between the lines and writing is the initial boundaries of literature. Literature creates an impactful effect on the reader, with pages of words so beautifully pieced together with thought and elegance, evoking emotion and passion or contrasting that words to portray foreboding and mystery. Our literature magazines might not be a novel like Jayne Eyre by Charlotte Bronte but they will help you dive deeper into this artistic form of reading and writing that is known as ‘Literature’.

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Brick magazine
2 Issues £36.37
Fieldnotes magazine
4 Issues £60.50
Inque magazine
1 Issues £62.07
Lapham's Quarterly magazine
Lapham's Quarterly
4 Issues £93.81
Literary Review magazine
Literary Review
11 Issues £80.86
London Review of Books magazine
London Review of Books
26 Issues £214.71
Mslexia magazine
4 Issues £45.74
The Atlantic magazine
The Atlantic
10 Issues £125.19
The Drift  magazine
The Drift
3 Issues £54.48
The European Review of Books magazine
The European Review of Books
2 Issues £48.26
The Happy Reader magazine
The Happy Reader
2 Issues £12.41
The New York Review of Books magazine
The New York Review of Books
26 Issues £269.98
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