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Immerse yourself in the art of literature and creative writing with our selection of magazines designed to deepen your appreciation and understanding of this expressive form. Whether analysing classic texts, exploring thematic nuances, or enhancing your own writing skills, our magazines offer rich insights into the world of literature. From the evocative eloquence of poetic prose to the structured suspense of narrative storytelling, each publication brings a unique perspective on reading and writing that stirs emotion and ignites creativity.  

Brick magazine
2 Issues £36.62
Extra Extra magazine
Extra Extra
1 Issues £17.14
Fieldnotes magazine
4 Issues £60.50
Granta magazine
4 Issues £73.06
Inque magazine
1 Issues £62.27
Literary Review magazine
Literary Review
11 Issues £86.90
Log magazine
3 Issues £70.81
London Review of Books magazine
London Review of Books
26 Issues £245.29
Mslexia magazine
4 Issues £47.38
Oh Reader magazine
Oh Reader
4 Issues £39.13
Oxford Review Of Books magazine
Oxford Review Of Books
4 Issues £29.39
Spectra magazine
1 Issues £22.28
Stand magazine
4 Issues £46.40
The Atlantic magazine
The Atlantic
10 Issues £126.32
The Bookseller magazine
The Bookseller
50 Issues £416.31
The Drift  magazine
The Drift
3 Issues £54.86
The European Review of Books magazine
The European Review of Books
2 Issues £48.19
The Illustrated Ape  magazine
The Illustrated Ape
1 Issues £18.41
The New York Review of Books magazine
The New York Review of Books
26 Issues £272.93
The Poetry Review magazine
The Poetry Review
4 Issues £55.88
Writer's Digest magazine
Writer's Digest
8 Issues £92.58
Writing magazine
12 Issues £99.89
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