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Discover our exciting range of magazine subscriptions tailored for teenagers. From magazines exploring space, science, and history to those focusing on fashion, music, and beyond, we offer a diverse selection to suit every interest. Keep your teenager engaged, informed, and entertained with our captivating magazines designed specifically for their age group.

Anyway magazine
4 Issues £72.00
Gen V magazine
Gen V
4 Issues £39.77
Miles Morales: Spider-Man magazine
Miles Morales: Spider-Man
12 Issues £59.29
Quantum magazine
6 Issues £50.34
Teen Breathe magazine
Teen Breathe
6 Issues £48.74
The Week Junior Science & Nature magazine
The Week Junior Science & Nature
12 Issues £75.02
Top Of the Pops magazine
Top Of the Pops
12 Issues £126.07
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