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Dogs Monthly is a fantastic brainchild of its creators and the kind of content available in this magazine offered to read is so unique that there is not a single other magazine on this planet which gives out the kind of information given out by Dogs Monthly.

Dogs Monthly - image coming soon

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  • Frequency:Monthly, 12 per year
  • Current Issue:Issue 07 (out of stock)
  • Barcode:977026679706807
  • Related Topics: Pets

Dogs Monthly is no longer available

Dogs Monthly is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About Dogs Monthly Magazine

You must know have seen a legion of dog magazines out there in the market giving the usual dog care tips and information relating to the pedigree of the dogs assisting you in order to know more before you buy one for yourself. This magazine is different in the way it comes across as treasure trove of information complied articulately and presented in a very refined manner. Most magazines restrict themselves to instruction and suggestion. Very few help you in understanding the pros and cons before going in for the big purchase. Dogs Monthly not only gives you the general instructions regarding the healthy upbringing of your pets it also suggests different methods of interacting and sharing with your pet that can make the relationship so much more healthy. The magazine delves into the history of the relationship between dogs and their masters. It tells you how the modern society started obsessing about dogs and found they made wonderful pets. The magazine publishes a lot of research done by a lot of people trying the study the behavior of the dogs and the psychology of the people of like to keep dogs as pets. Some like to do so for the need of security and the others do it for the sake of companions and sheer love for the dogs. The magazine then also features on the kind of care to be bestowed upon the dogs and then also helps you in understanding their needs better. Subscribe today!  

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