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Gatekeeper - NO 03

Gatekeeper is an art magazine that examines the art industry with openness and focus. It aims to help people understand the art market, how to access it, and how it could be changed to make it fairer.

Gatekeeper - NO 03

Gatekeeper Information

  • Frequency:Special, 1 per year
  • Current Issue:Issue 03 (out of stock)
  • Barcode:977263451200603
  • Related Topics: Art

Gatekeeper is no longer available

Gatekeeper is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About Gatekeeper Magazine

Gatekeeper is a magazine all about the art industry. It is interested in how access to the art world is restricted and by whom, hence the name Gatekeeper. With the pressures of commercial performance, artists are often forced to adapt the way they create art. The art industry is built not around artistic expression, but money, Gatekeeper argues. Inside you will find interviews with artists, editorial pieces, and articles that investigate the structure of the art world. Each issue is built around a theme and uses the thoughts of artists to explore how their work in influenced or affected by the topic of the issue.

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