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Strategy & Business - SUMMER

Strategy & Business is a leading business magazine followed by leading professionals from all over the globe.

Strategy & Business - SUMMER

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Strategy & Business is no longer available

Strategy & Business is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About Strategy & Business Magazine

As the name suggests it is a business magazine. Where leading business men’s interview there over view over business are published. They help us to get an idea of their business strategy and there business cycle which they had adopted which has led the world to outcast them as the leading business professional’s of the world and to get themselves tagged as the men with shrewd brains.   Strategy as the word suggests is all about planning and fomenting for the future. This business magazine helps aspiring businessmen to get first hand guide from leading professionals from all fields. Strategy is very essential for a proper functioning of business firm. Even before a business organization starts functioning strategizing starts. Strategy can be easily said as the backbone of a firm.

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