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True Detective Special - WINTER

True Detective Special delivers the news of famous criminal investigations around the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

True Detective Special - WINTER

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  • Frequency:2 Issues per Year, 3 per year
  • Current Issue:Issue 01 (out of stock)
  • Barcode:977026290420001
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True Detective Special is no longer available

True Detective Special is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About True Detective Special Magazine

Find out about current investigative methods used to solve crimes, see photographs of the crime scene, and read interviews with the investigative teams. Actual pictures and facts included in the articles. Discover new forensic investigative techniques used in solving crimes. Read details about current crimes and how the investigators are solving the crime. Learn about the initial call to the police to the arrest of the criminal. With interviews and actual reports from the case files, discover the details of the murder and why it occurred. Follow a current case and what the investigators are doing to solve capture the perpetrator. Find out why a crime was never solved and the mystery surrounding the case. Read about long, forgotten crimes and how the criminals were arrested. Read about the investigative techniques of the past, how the detectives interviewed witnesses, and how conclusions were made to capture the criminal. Discover how old cases are solved by using current, modern techniques. Always wanted to try your hand at solving an old crime? Enter a competition to see if you can solve it. Read the details of criminals, such as William Herbert Wallace, the Zodia Killer, the Italian anarchists, or the burning or the Reichstag building. Learn about the wrongfully arrested person and why he was convicted then released.  Discover how cold cases were solved, like the Unabomber, Martha Moxley, and Jaycee Lee Dugard. Learn how evidence was reviewed until the evidence pointed to the criminal.

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