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World Explorer -

World Explorer is a magazine for all those who want to read about strange adventures in far off lands. This magazine tries to uncover some great mysteries of the past and keeps you up to date on notable discoveries from all around the world.

World Explorer -

World Explorer is no longer available

World Explorer is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About World Explorer Magazine

World explorer contains stories of adventure and discovery. If you like to keep an open mind as to the explanations for unexplainable events, you will love this magazine. Each issue is filled with the newest discoveries from faraway places, strange adventures, and articles on some of the unexplained events that still puzzle us. This is all about the great mysteries that occur on our planet, from the ancient world to today. World Explorer leaves no stone unturned and provides to you some of the stranger theories that might just explain how the previously unexplainable happens. This is the magazine for those who like to read and keep an open mind about the ancient world and the deepest mysteries that have confused humanity throughout the ages.

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