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Big Carp is a UK publication dedicated to carp fishing. Carp fishing is growing in popularity on an international basis.

Big Carp - image coming soon

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About Big Carp Magazine

Carp fishing is a way to deal with the growing evidence that the introduction of carp has caused serious damage to the environment. Carp is considered to be a coarse fish which is hard to catch thus making it an eagerly sought after fish by anglers. Carp is a freshwater fish that is found in a variety of types of water. Rivers are one of the most popular places to do carp fishing. The largest carp is often found where rivers run into the sea. Many carp anglers use the catch and release method while others see catch and keep carp sport fishing as a way to control carp. Carp is generally not considered a good fish for eating, though some anglers disagree. Catching carp require different types of bait from other fish. Some common types of carp bait include boilies which is commonly used in the UK and Europe. Boilies are made out of eggs and milk proteins which are then boiled. In the United States carp fishermen use canned corn to make a doughball. Tiger nuts can also be used to attract carp. Some of the reasons it can be hard to fish carp is that the climate, the direction of the wind, the temperature, and even moon phases can change carp feeding habits.

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Natasha Ann Green - 27/02/2015 16:15:56

I read this in between studying and practicing for my diploma in the treble recorder. Big carp magazine takes all my sorrows away and makes me the happiest fisher woman in the world

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