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Art and fashion are major part of many people’s lives, and therefore it is no surprise that both art and fashion are significant contributors to culture in general.

Novembre -

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Novembre is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About Novembre Magazine

Additionally, France has always been a strong proponent of art, fashion, and culture, holding a powerful and trustworthy sway over these cultural items. Whether you find yourself with a keen interest in art and fashion or if art and fashion is a huge part of your life, then you probably want a decent publication that truly understands modern day art and fashion trends. Novembre (FR) magazine is considered throughout France to be one of the most interesting and compelling arts and fashion magazines around, covering international art and trendy fashion styles like you’ve never seen it before. Produced on the foundations of art history and common interest in art, this publication takes supreme focus on the youthful and charming Suisse design scene throughout France and abroad. Every issue of Novembre (FR) magazine contains heaps of beautiful, full-length artsy photographs that cover everything from style and fashion, new art designs and pieces, and nearly everything else happening on the French Suisse art scene.

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