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The Art of Watercolour - NO 54
The Art of Watercolour - NO 53
The Art of Watercolour - NO 52
The Art of Watercolour - NO 51

Beautiful yet highly practical, Art of Watercolour magazine is the perfect read for anyone with a passion for watercolour painting, and a desire to improve their own technique.

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The Art of Watercolour - NO 54
The Art of Watercolour - NO 53
The Art of Watercolour - NO 52
The Art of Watercolour - NO 51

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  • Frequency:Quarterly, 4 per year
  • Current Issue:Issue 54 (6 in stock)
  • Barcode:977211434911554
  • Related Topics: Art , Watercolour , Art

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About The Art of Watercolour Magazine

Published in France but English language, the Art of Watercolour offers a professional view of all the latest news from the world of watercolour, art history and answers to readers’ questions, as well as showcasing awesome portfolios and including great features on the world’s leading artists. Also includes technical advice, practical guides and lessons to help you perfect your painting. Buy a single issue or subscribe with Unique Magazine and never miss an issue.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating for The Art of Watercolour:
13 votes
Deborah - 15/11/2023 13:30:08

Love the magazine! This magazine has it's pulse on the current artists of the day. My subscription did arrive in a slightly better time frame of just over 6 weeks from it's publishing date.

patricia - 08/08/2023 13:15:21

The quality of the illustrations is its best feature. What is disappointing is the lack of good editing in the text which overlooks grammar and spelling mistakes. This last issue, the 50th anniversary edition, is lovely but the text font in some articles is so small as to be almost illegible. This usually means the articles should have been edited for length. Janine's article about commissions was too long and somewhat indulgent especially considering she was also featured in the previous article about the Israeli artist. Artist have egos!

Annette - 18/04/2023 23:29:28

I had not heard of this magazine until Louise De Masi mentioned she was to be featured - I belong to Louise's Patreon and am a real fan of her work! I am thoroughly enjoying the magazine and shall no doubt buy more issues.

Deborah - 15/04/2023 08:12:46

The Art of Watercolour

This magazine is literally beautiful the watercolour artists that contributed to it are experts and are a high standard.

Jacqueline - 14/04/2023 15:43:46

The Art of Watercolour

I’m finding inspiration in this issue, particularly with the artist Prasad Beaven. His thinking is similar to mine. Thank you.

P.M. Dupuia - 29/12/2021 17:24:00

The Art of Watercolour

The magazine showcases watercolour artists from around the world and the illustrations of their paintings are very beautiful. It features articles, interviews and tutorials. I couldn't give it 5 stars because the magazine needs a good English-speaking copy editor. There are grammatical and spelling errors, typos and 'awkward translation' errors in every issue which, unfortunately, detract from its professionalism. Regardless, I have not hesitation in heartily recommending this classy magazine.

Craig - 28/09/2016 14:07:58

The Art of Watercolour

Fantastic, especially the "how to" info as well as the wonderful reproductions of watercolour art!

carol - 09/04/2016 18:03:04

The Art of Watercolour

Facinating paintings in the difficult medium of watercolour

Sheena - 01/02/2016 17:52:58

The Art of Watercolour

I like the way that these wonderful artists share their work and some of their techniques. I prefer having the mag rather than an app. I can pick it up and read it any time, any where. Such a pleasure.

Anne - 31/03/2015 10:00:59

The Art of Watercolour

It is brilliant and inspiring. Nothing in it to dislike and much to admire.

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