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Kitchen Toke -

Kitchen Toke is all about cooking with cannabis. It features lots of recipes, each telling you how to work weed into your food. From classic brownies with a twist, to full meals, this magazine has great tasting treats to try at home. It promotes health and wellness throughout the magazine.

Kitchen Toke -

Kitchen Toke is no longer available

Kitchen Toke is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About Kitchen Toke Magazine

Kitchen Toke is a quarterly cooking publication that helps you incorporate cannabis into your food. It promotes responsible cannabis use for health and wellbeing. Each issue is filled with fantastic recipes that take cannabis infused food a new level. You won’t find brownie mix mixed in here (though you might find brownies), these are real foods showing you the best of what is possible when you cook with cannabis. The recipes are easy to follow and show you great food photography to get show you how it’s done and get you hungry. It also has interviews with great chefs and cooks, and keeps you up to date on the industry, often combing articles with recipes. The magazine is written by extremely knowledgeable cooks who specialise in cannabis, so you know everything is safe and tasty.

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