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Please remember that from your order date, it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your first issue of a weekly magazine, or 6 weeks for the first issue of a monthly magazine. Foreign magazines can take up to 12 weeks for the first issue as these are ordered from abroad. The first magazine lead time depends on the magazine publication dates and where the date of your order falls.

We have written a full article on our blog to help you understand why it takes a few weeks to start a new subscription.  You can read it here.  Why does it take several weeks for a new subscription to start?

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Unique Magazines and the magazine publishers use the UK's Royal Mail service  to deliver goods to you.  If you believe your magazine is late please check the onsale dates for the magazine by locating it on this website, and then scroll down to the "Issue Publish Dates Information" section.


 On occassion post is affected by ragional events or issues.  The latest information regarding delivery, including specific information about the services in your area can be found here on the Royal Mail Website.

If you have waited 4 weeks for a weekly magazine, or 6 weeks for a monthly magazine please contact us immediately and we will check the status of your order.

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