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Not Received an Order Confirmation Email? Here's What to Do

At Unique Magazines, we ensure that a confirmation email is sent out for every order placed. This applies no matter how you've made your order.

Check Your Inbox: Typically, you should receive this email within a few minutes of placing your order.

Contact Us If Missing: If you haven't received your confirmation email within 5 minutes, please reach out to us. We'll verify that we have the correct email address on file and promptly resend the confirmation to you.

Your peace of mind is important to us, and we're here to ensure that every step of your order process is smooth and transparent.


Delaying the Start of an Already Processed Order

Yes, you can request to delay the start of your order even after it has been processed. Here's how:

Contact Us Immediately: If you need to delay the start of your order, please call us as soon as possible. The quicker you get in touch, the more likely we can accommodate your request.

Current Issue Orders: If your order was set to start with the current issue, it might already be on its way to you. In such cases, stopping the shipment might not be possible, but we'll do our best to assist.

Our Commitment: We're dedicated to meeting your needs and will endeavour to prevent any magazines from being dispatched if you wish to delay your order.

Reach out to us promptly for any changes to your order's start date, and we'll work to make the necessary adjustments.


Pausing Your Order: How It Works

Yes, you can pause your order with Unique Magazines for various reasons, including holidays, ill health, or other personal circumstances. Here’s what you need to know:

Notify Us: Simply inform us when you need to pause your order. You can do this by contacting our customer service team.

Flexible Hold: We will stop dispatching issues for the duration of your specified pause period.

Resume When Ready: When you're ready to start receiving your magazines again, just let us know. We'll resume your order and ensure your magazines reach you as per your updated preference.

Your convenience and satisfaction are important to us, so we offer the flexibility to adjust your magazine deliveries according to your needs.


Handling Discontinued Magazine Publications


If a magazine you've subscribed to ceases publication, here's how we handle it at Unique Magazines:

Automatic Credit: We'll automatically credit the remaining balance of your subscription to your Unique Magazines account.

Notification by Email: You'll receive an email from us informing you about the discontinuation of the magazine and the credit applied to your account.

Flexible Options: This credit can be used for any purchase on our website. If you prefer a refund instead of a credit, simply follow the instructions provided in the email.

We aim to ensure that any changes or issues with your subscription are resolved smoothly and to your satisfaction.


Adjustments for Magazine Frequency Changes

At Unique Magazines, we're prepared to adapt if the frequency of your subscribed magazine changes:

Honouring Issue Numbers: If a magazine's publisher alters its publication frequency, we will honour the number of issues in your subscription, rather than the time period originally specified.

Handling Major Changes: In the event of a major change, like a total rebrand or format shift of the magazine, we will proactively inform you. Additionally, we will issue a credit for the remaining balance of your subscription.

Reordering Guidance: If you wish to continue with the revamped magazine, we'll provide guidance on how to reorder, ensuring you can seamlessly continue enjoying your reading experience.

Our commitment is to ensure your subscription experience is smooth and enjoyable, even when publishers make changes.


Swapping Your Magazine Subscription

Absolutely! At Unique Magazines, we understand that your interests may change. If you're not fully enjoying your current magazine subscription, we offer the flexibility to switch it for another title:

Easy Swap Process: Just reach out to us, and we’ll assist you in transferring the balance of your existing subscription to a new magazine of your choice.

Finding the Right Fit: Our team is happy to help you find a magazine that better suits your interests and preferences.

We're here to ensure that your magazine reading experience is always enjoyable and aligned with your tastes.


Handling Returned Magazines

In case a magazine is returned to Unique Magazines, here's our procedure:

Immediate Contact and Pause: We will reach out to you if your magazine is returned to us. Meanwhile, we'll pause your subscription to avoid any further issues.

Four-Week Holding Period: We will hold the returned magazine for up to 4 weeks.

Response Required: It's important that you respond within this 4-week period. If we don't hear back from you, we will unfortunately have to cancel the order.

We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible to resolve any delivery issues and continue your subscription.


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