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Word Search Magazine Subscriptions

Word Searches a fun way to pass the time enjoyed by many. We stock a great range of word search magazines suitable for both children and adults at a variety of levels. Find the one that is right for you.

200 Pocket Wordsearches magazine
200 Pocket Wordsearches
6 Issues £34.41
5000 Words Wordsearch magazine
5000 Words Wordsearch
12 Issues £59.05
Big Wordsearch magazine
Big Wordsearch
12 Issues £56.57
Bumper Big Word Search magazine
Bumper Big Word Search
12 Issues £58.48
Bumper Just Wordsearch magazine
Bumper Just Wordsearch
12 Issues £58.48
Bumper Top Wordsearch magazine
Bumper Top Wordsearch
12 Issues £60.90
Eclipse Mega Monthly Wordsearch  magazine
Eclipse Mega Monthly Wordsearch
12 Issues £57.21
Eclipse Tear N Share Wordsearch magazine
Eclipse Tear N Share Wordsearch
12 Issues £55.86
Everyday Pocket Wordsearches magazine
Everyday Pocket Wordsearches
6 Issues £26.33
Everyday Wordsearches magazine
Everyday Wordsearches
6 Issues £16.80
Everyday Wordsearches Collection magazine
Everyday Wordsearches Collection
6 Issues £20.40
Family Wordsearch magazine
Family Wordsearch
12 Issues £66.13
Family Wordsearch Hide and Seek magazine
Family Wordsearch Hide and Seek
12 Issues £63.58
Family Wordsearch Jumbo magazine
Family Wordsearch Jumbo
12 Issues £63.58
Just Wordsearch magazine
Just Wordsearch
12 Issues £58.48
Lucky Seven Wordsearch magazine
Lucky Seven Wordsearch
12 Issues £60.39
Pocket Wordsearches Special magazine
Pocket Wordsearches Special
6 Issues £16.80
Premium Wordsearch Puzzles magazine
Premium Wordsearch Puzzles
12 Issues £67.71
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Mixed Puzzles magazine
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Mixed Puzzles
12 Issues £62.31
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Wordsearch magazine
Puzzlelife PuzzlePad Wordsearch
12 Issues £62.31
Puzzlelife Wordsearch Hide and Seek magazine
Puzzlelife Wordsearch Hide and Seek
12 Issues £54.15
Puzzler Mammoth Family Wordsearch magazine
Puzzler Mammoth Family Wordsearch
12 Issues £69.07
Puzzler Pocket Wordsearch Collection magazine
Puzzler Pocket Wordsearch Collection
13 Issues £62.14
Puzzler Q Wordsearch magazine
Puzzler Q Wordsearch
15 Issues £92.04
Puzzler Wordsearch magazine
Puzzler Wordsearch
13 Issues £74.81
Relax With Wordsearches magazine
Relax With Wordsearches
12 Issues £53.80
TAB Mini Wordsearch Collection  magazine
TAB Mini Wordsearch Collection
12 Issues £55.97
TAB Wordsearches Collection magazine
TAB Wordsearches Collection
12 Issues £65.75
Take a Break Hide n Seek Wordsearch magazine
Take a Break Hide n Seek Wordsearch
12 Issues £61.03
Take A Break Seasonal Puzzle Collection magazine
Take A Break Seasonal Puzzle Collection
1 Issues £7.13
Take a Break Wordsearch magazine
Take a Break Wordsearch
12 Issues £61.41
The Big Wordsearch Collection magazine
The Big Wordsearch Collection
6 Issues £36.90
The Big Wordsearches magazine
The Big Wordsearches
6 Issues £33.77
Wordsearch Fun magazine
Wordsearch Fun
6 Issues £33.14
Wordsearch Kids magazine
Wordsearch Kids
6 Issues £26.33
Wordsearch Puzzles magazine
Wordsearch Puzzles
6 Issues £16.80
Wordsearches in Large Print magazine
Wordsearches in Large Print
6 Issues £20.40
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