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Every man wants to look his best, but sometimes the huge amount of choice can make things tricky. Don’t be disheartened. Unique Magazines offers up to the minute style for every man who needs it. Everything is covered, from cutting edge trends for the experienced fashion king, to simple advice for the man who’s just discovered he could comb his hair. There's also plenty from planet celebrity in many of these titles to help you see how what the other half are rocking, and there are more than enough money-saving fashion tips to ensure that a little investment goes a long way.

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10 Men magazine
10 Men
2 Issues £24.01
A Magazine magazine
A Magazine
2 Issues £81.41
Antidote magazine
2 Issues £60.15
Arcadia magazine
2 Issues £21.49
Arena Homme Plus magazine
Arena Homme Plus
2 Issues £28.36
Beauty Papers magazine
Beauty Papers
1 Issues £30.18
Buffalo Zine magazine
Buffalo Zine
2 Issues £71.84
Circle Zero Eight magazine
Circle Zero Eight
2 Issues £28.15
Commons & Sense Man magazine
Commons & Sense Man
1 Issues £20.61
Dapper Dan magazine
Dapper Dan
2 Issues £45.27
Dazed magazine
4 Issues £39.33
Document Journal magazine
Document Journal
2 Issues £42.18
Dry Clean Only  magazine
Dry Clean Only
2 Issues £37.00
Esquire magazine
4 Issues £38.58
Flaunt magazine
6 Issues £109.95
Glass Man magazine
Glass Man
4 Issues £42.79
GQ Style magazine
GQ Style
2 Issues £21.95
H Magazine magazine
H Magazine
2 Issues £32.60
Hero magazine
2 Issues £23.90
Hero The Summer Zine magazine
Hero The Summer Zine
1 Issues £19.55
Highsnobiety magazine
4 Issues £83.66
Hunger magazine
2 Issues £23.90
IRK magazine
2 Issues £23.54
Jon magazine
4 Issues £52.60
Kaleidoscope magazine
2 Issues £38.89
L'Etiquette magazine
2 Issues £35.30
L'Officiel Hommes magazine
L'Officiel Hommes
4 Issues £32.20
Luncheon magazine
2 Issues £53.07
Man About Town magazine
Man About Town
2 Issues £46.32
Metal magazine
2 Issues £38.89
Noctis magazine
2 Issues £21.49
Numero XYZ magazine
Numero XYZ
2 Issues £21.88
Odalisque magazine
2 Issues £28.26
Plaza Uomo magazine
Plaza Uomo
1 Issues £15.10
Rouge Fashionbook magazine
Rouge Fashionbook
2 Issues £77.86
Sole magazine
1 Issues £15.74
The Greatest magazine
The Greatest
2 Issues £45.27
The Rake magazine
The Rake
6 Issues £87.14
tmrw magazine
6 Issues £106.27
ZOO magazine
4 Issues £51.07
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