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Slime Factory magazine
Slime Factory
12 Issues £100.93

  Slime Factory satisfies your child’s love of slime in each issue. Each month is packed with great slime content, recipes, games, puzzles, comics, nature facts, and more. Meet the Goo Crew and get making slime. Buy a single issue or subscription to Slime Factory magazine.  

Ryan's World magazine
Ryan's World
12 Issues £66.31

  From the most watched YouTube star ever comes Ryan’s World magazine. This issue comes with a mystery dinosaur set. Inside there are many activities, dinosaurs to colour, make your own dinosaur scene, a bug party story, activities and more. Buy a single issue or subscription to Ryan’s World magazine.  

Take Care magazine
Take Care
2 Issues £39.09

Take Care i.l.y is a French fashion magazine that looks for fashion in less obvious places. It investigates fashion, taking content from a wide range of contributors. It features interesting articles, photography, and art surrounding some of the most interesting fashion flying under the radar. Buy a single issue or subscription to Take Care i.l.y Magazine. 

Wellbeing Journal magazine
Wellbeing Journal
4 Issues £47.35

The Wellbeing Journal is a great resource for anyone that wants to stay on top of their mental health. Inside you will find changes you can make and ways to track your wellbeing so that you can make positive changes to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Buy a single copy or subscription to Wellbeing Journal Magazine.

Children's Comics

We have a huge range of cool and colourful magazines for every child whatever their interest. Magazines are a great way to help improve reading skills away from the classroom, we have something for all ages and interests.

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Girl Talk magazine
Girl Talk
26 Issues £140.00

  Girl talk is a fortnightly magazine packed full of everything a girl aged 7 to 11 could wish for! In this issue Ariana Grande, pets, celebrity school cringes, and more. There are also quizzes and colouring for you to complete. This issue comes with an ice lolly bag charm, squidgy pet, and a surprise gift. Buy a single issue or subscription to Girl Talk Magazine.  

Transformers magazine
12 Issues £99.34

Transformers magazine is based on the animated series airing on Cartoon Network.

Andy's Amazing Adventures magazine
Andy's Amazing Adventures
12 Issues £83.99

Andy's Amazing Adventures magazine is based on the CBeebies show Andy's Wild Adventure. The show was a success for young children. Buy a single copy or subscription to Andys Amazing Adventures magazine.    

321 Go! magazine
321 Go!
12 Issues £88.68

321 Go! is a magazine that gives children high-speed adventures with their favourite characters. Each issue has action packed easy to read stories, crafts, puzzles, and colouring. It also comes with a gift and interactive stickers to complete the activities inside. Buy a single issue or subscription to 321 Go! magazine.

Unicorn Universe magazine
Unicorn Universe
12 Issues £86.99

Unicorn Universe is a magical magazine full of all things unicorn, each issue is filled with fun quizzes, things to make and do, puzzles, product news, and so much more! Buy a single copy or subscription to Unicorn Universe magazine.

Horrible Histories magazine
Horrible Histories
12 Issues £68.00

History with all the horrible bits left in! It is packed to the brim with putrid puzzles, cruel competitions, gruesome gags, and of course foul facts. Each issue features an 8-page special and comes with a gift. This month’s issue comes with a Victorian gravedigger set. Inside you can find the crafty Celts, Egyptian Gods, Victorian criminals, and more. You can also collect the final part of the terrible timeline poster. Buy a single copy or a subscription to Horrible Histories Magazine.

Pokemon magazine
12 Issues £68.49

Pokemon is an exciting magazine that encourages readers to immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon. The content is underpinned by sound educational values, so whether readers are tackling an interactive sticker puzzle, or deciding who will win an epic pokemon battle, children can learn whilst having fun.

LOL Surprise magazine
LOL Surprise
12 Issues £72.80

LOL Surprise is a monthly fun filled magazine aimed at girls aged between 5-9 years old, based on the collectable craze of limited edition dolls. Buy a single copy or subscription to LOL Surprise magazine. 

Crafts Magazines

Discover everything you need to keep entertained with our huge range of craft magazines. Find easy step-by-step guides, knitting and sewing patterns, craft ideas, DIY projects, complex designs and so much more. Create, discover and improve with the help of our arts and crafts magazines.

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Bead and Jewellery magazine
Bead and Jewellery
8 Issues £60.99

Bead and Jewellery is a monthly magazine packed full of beautiful beadwork, Wirework, stringing projects and inspiring features. Buy a single copy or subscription to Bead and Jewellery magazine.  

Make It Today magazine
Make It Today
1 Issues £13.65

Make it Today is the monthly magazine for all things craft related. Buy a single copy or subscription to Make It Today magazine.

Craft Essential Series magazine
Craft Essential Series
12 Issues £178.49

Craft Essentials Series is a monthly magazine which celebrates papercraft. Packed full of goodies to help you create beautiful cards for your loved ones. Buy a single issue or subscription to Craft Essentials Series magazine.

Let's Make magazine
Let's Make
12 Issues £141.75

Let's Make provides you with everything you need to start creating. The magazine covers sewing, crocheting and knitting. You will be shown how to master the very basics before progressing on to full designs. The articles are well explained, and you’ll be steaming on to a project before you know it. Buy a single issue or subscription to Let’s Make magazine.

Hobbies & Interests Magazines

Here at Unique Magazines, we have a vast range of hobby magazines from Art Therapy to Model Making to Hi-Fi and Radio, we have everything for all your hobby needs!

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Teddy Bear Times magazine
Teddy Bear Times
6 Issues £42.49

For those who are a great fan of art and craft and are so much into soft toy making, Teddy Bear Times is a must. Also for those who are crazy about teddy bears and soft toys, teddy bear time is a magazine that will make your day.

Dolls House World magazine
Dolls House World
12 Issues £80.52

Who ever thought that one day there will be a magazine dedicated only for the purpose of building doll houses for your little girls! 

Stamp Collector magazine
Stamp Collector
12 Issues £72.56

Stamp Collector magazine is the perfect companion for all those who collect stamps. Find out the latest on upcoming designs so you know what to keep an eye out for to add to your collection. Inside you will also find news on old stamps that have recently been sold all around the world. Buy a single issue or subscription to Stamp Collector magazine.

Model Collector magazine
Model Collector
13 Issues £44.99
Save 26%

Model Collector is a magazine which was first published in Britain. Buy a single copy or subscription to Model Collector magazine.  

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