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New Magazines

Every week new Magazines are published and hit the Newsstands. We aim to stock as many of them at Unique Magazines, a full list of recent magazines can be found here to browse, so why not check them out?

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Scale Aviation Modeller International magazine
Scale Aviation Modeller International
12 Issues £87.01

 Scale Aviation Modeller International magazine is bursting with model builds from around the world.

Royal Reign magazine
Royal Reign
1 Issues £12.66

 Royal Reign is a wedding glam, one shot magazine! This magazine is full of wedding content inspired by the UK's Royal Family! Do you dream of a royal wedding? Get your inspiration here from the Platinum Jubilee Special! Buy a single issue OF Royal Reign magazine.

Pixel Addict magazine
Pixel Addict
6 Issues £48.29

Pixel Addict magazine is ideal for classic computing and retro gaming enthusiasts

BQ Bees and Pollinators magazine
BQ Bees and Pollinators
4 Issues £27.82

 BQ Bees & Other Pollinators magazine is for people who love nature and want to help Britain's bees and other beautiful pollinators thrive.

Welcome to Unique Magazines, the customer focused Magazine Company.

Unique Magazines has been providing customers with access to thousands of popular and specialist magazines online since 2002.

Our subscription deals can lead to great savings on many of the magazines we offer. We have a large range of titles that are not available in your local newsagent or supermarket and we take pride in the range of specialist titles that we carry. 

Today we stock over 2000 plus magazines that are available for next day delivery from our distribution centre.

We really believe magazines are the source of knowledge. 


We have a great range of mainstream and niche titles, as well as a huge range of foreign magazines and international editions of hugely popular publications.

You can buy magazines online, a single issue or a subscription and your order will start with the current issue or you can choose to start with the next issue.

All orders are dispatched on the same day if ordered before 2pm by first class royal mail or by airmail if outside the UK.

If you have any questions about buying an copy of a current issue or taking out a subscription with us, or about the titles that we stock, you can call our customer service team on 0345 303 6750 between 9.30am and 4:30pm every weekday.

Our customer service team are here waiting to speak to you about the magazines we stock, about your order, or anything we can help you with.


  • Buy a single issue or a subscription
  • Niche and Specialist titles that are not available on the high street
  • Professional titles and trade journals available
  • Hundreds of foreign language magazines from around the world
  • Over 2000 magazine titles in stock for next day delivery in the UK if ordered before 2pm
  • No Auto Renewal of magazine subscriptions
  • Fast delivery worldwide
  • UK Based customer service team available between 9.00am and 4:00pm Weekdays


Most Popular Magazines

The most popular magazines in the UK at the moment; see what magazines people are enjoying at present and gain inspiration by browsing this list.

Browse popular magazines
Better Homes and Gardens Harrys House magazine
Better Homes and Gardens Harrys House
1 Issues £10.00

 We have secured 1000 copies of Better Homes and Gardens - Harry's House edition. These are on pre sale and will be shipped when the stock arrives around 10th June. 

Daphne's Diary magazine
Daphne's Diary
8 Issues £52.00
Save 7%

 Daphne’s Diary magazine contains a variety of crafts and types of making for you to do. Inside each issue you could find papercraft, furnishings, DIY, journaling, painting, and more.

Whats on TV magazine
Whats on TV
51 Issues £120.00

Whats on TV Magazine is the top guide to everything you need to know for the TV schedule for England. Find what you want to watch, when it is showing, and description of programmes and movies. Each week you can stay up to date with new shows, soaps, popular dramas and more. Buy a single issue or subscription to Whats on TV.  

TV Choice magazine
TV Choice
52 Issues £120.00

 TV Choice is the best-selling magazine in the UK,, Each issue includes a film guide, horoscopes, and news of the most popular shows and programs. Each week you can keep up with the latest on the soaps, serial dramas, new shows, as well as news, interviews, and updates from across TV.

Children's Favourite Magazines

We have a huge range of cool and colourful magazines for every child whatever their interest. Magazines are a great way to help improve reading skills away from the classroom, we have something for all ages and interests.

See full range of children magazines
Lego Star Wars magazine
Lego Star Wars
12 Issues £81.65

  Star Wars Lego magazine is created to spark imagination and creativity in all Star Wars and Lego fans alike. Each issue comes with a small set for you to build, often ships. Inside you will find cool posters for you to take out, a comic set on an iconic Star Wars Planet, puzzles and more.

Lego Ninjago magazine
Lego Ninjago
12 Issues £76.38

Lego Ninjago is a six weekly magazine which is based on the popular children’s cartoon series, aimed at children aged 6-11. Each issue comes with a minifigure or mini build for you to build and play with. There is also an exclusive comic featuring the team, games, posters, and activities featuring all of your favourite characters for you to enjoy.

Lego Superhero Legends magazine
Lego Superhero Legends
12 Issues £76.38

 Lego Superhero Legends is a new magazine based on all your favourite superheroes! Each issue contains a comic story featuring superheroes such as Batman! Each issue also contains a fact file for a superhereo.

Strike It magazine
Strike It
6 Issues £49.74

Strike It magazine is the ultimate kids football magazine.

Independent Published Magazines

Unique Magazines has one of the broadest ranges of Indie magazines within the UK. We love magazines, especially ones that champion independence and self-governance.

Browse our Independent Magazines
Marvin magazine
2 Issues £60.24

Marvin is an independent global music magazine that travels all over the world, exploring all kinds of music. Inside you will find articles on genres of music you have never heard of alongside global artists, fantastic photography, art, and more.

Antiope magazine
2 Issues £50.46

Antiope magazine is named after the asteroid, which we are proud to present to you, and which aims to generate unforseen encounters. Always creative, they might seem at first sight utterly opposed, but give rise to a proliferation of the unexpected, always focusing on both the unknown and the possible. Buy a single issue or subscription to Antiope magazine.

Circle Zero Eight magazine
Circle Zero Eight
2 Issues £28.24

Circle Zero Eight magazine reflects sports global impact and influence,The magazine explores how different fields intersect with sport whilst discovering and giving exposure to other subcultures. Buy a single issue or subscription. 

Noble Rot magazine
Noble Rot
3 Issues £36.93

Noble Rot magazine is the new home of exciting wine and food writing. It is not pretentious about wine; Noble Rot aims to be entertaining and inclusive. The magazine likes to blur the line between gastronomy and creative arts. Buy a single copy or subscription to Noble Rot magazine.  

What our Customers Say

Here at Unique Magazines, we are focused on providing first-class customer service, and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations from purchase to delivery.

To ensure you have the best experience possible, we take pride in our speed of service, how your magazine is packaged and our dedicated customer service team are on hand to help with your enquiry by telephone and email.

We value all feedback, positive and negative, helping us to continuously improve in every aspect of our business. See what our customers have to say on our Reviews page.

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