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SUV magazine
4 Issues £31.02

SUV magazine is a brand new publication which celebrates the ultimate urban off-roaders and crossovers. If you’re a lover of SUV’s then this is the magazine for you. Buy a single copy or subscription to S.U.V magazine.

Gallop magazine
4 Issues £31.02

Gallop magazine is not about gambling or in-depth racing analysis. This is a magazine for the people who love horse racing, but who aren’t diehard fans. Gallop Magazine gives newcomers all the needed basics, in an approachable way. While at the same time providing enough knowledge, so that even people who have raced all their lives can still get something out of the magazine. Buy a single copy or subscription to Gallop magazine.

Sister magazine
2 Issues £19.36

Sister is a magazine that provides girls with a platform to express how they really feel. A generation that is frustrated by the constraints of gender in our modern society. Buy a single copy or subscription to Sister magazine.

World of Warships magazine
World of Warships
12 Issues £72.56

World of Warships magazine provides you with a comprehensive range of battleships and all of the battles they took part in. No matter if they are steel-clad warships from the 1900s or the modern warships of today. Warships have took part in many Naval battles throughout history. There have been several battles involving Naval powers from all over the world, resulting in hundreds of great battles at sea. Buy a single copy or subscription to World of Warships magazine.

Children's Comics

We have a huge range of cool and colourful magazines for every child whatever their interest. Magazines are a great way to help improve reading skills away from the classroom, we have something for all ages and interests.

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Comic Surprise - Girls magazine
Comic Surprise - Girls
12 Issues £60.00

The girls Comic Surprise includes top magazines such as; Unicorn Universe,  Sparkle World,  My Little Pony,  Pikmi Pops,  Shopkins,  Lego Friends,  LOL Surprise,  Fingerlings,  Girl Talk Art,  Pets 2 Collect,  Disney Princess  and  Horrible Histories. Each month we’ll post you a different magazine. Meaning that your child will never get bored, as every month they’ll not know what they are going to get.

Comic Surprise - Boys magazine
Comic Surprise - Boys
12 Issues £60.00

The boy’s subscription includes top magazines such as;  WWE Kids, Transformers, Toxic, Spiderman, Pokemon, Superzings, Minecraft World, Lego, Kick and  Horrible Histories. Each month we’ll post you a different magazine. Meaning that your child will never get bored, as every month they’ll not know what they are going to get.  

Comic Surprise - Pre-School magazine
Comic Surprise - Pre-School
12 Issues £60.00

The pre-school subscription includes top magazines such as; Andy's Amazing Adventures, CBeebeis, Fun to Learn Favourites, Go Jetters, Mister Maker, Milkshake, Mr Men, Octonauts, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Thomas & Friends and Mr Tumble. Each month we’ll post you a different magazine. Meaning that your child will never get bored, as every month they’ll have a mystery magazine to look forward to. 

Lego Friends magazine
Lego Friends
12 Issues £64.49

Lego Friends is written for children aged 5 and 11. The current issue number 59 comes with free Lego friends related toys.  Posters are included in every issue. The magazine has a super fun comic which is all about the wonderful waffles. As well as a quiz which will tell the reader if they’re a star baker. Buy a single copy or subscription to Lego Friends magazine.

Unicorn Universe magazine
Unicorn Universe
12 Issues £86.99

Unicorn Universe is a magical magazine full of all things unicorn, each issue is filled with fun quizzes, things to make and do, puzzles, product news, and so much more! Buy a single copy or subscription to Unicorn Universe magazine.

Horrible Histories magazine
Horrible Histories
12 Issues £68.00

Horrible Histories is a great magazine for any child, as every issue is jammed full of excellent content. The magazine covers a wide range of history, each issue features many different time periods. This month’s magazine has a gory game to play, in which your child will see if they have what it takes to become a saxon warrior. There’s even a D-Day morse code puzzle that needs to be cracked. Buy a single copy or subscription to Horrible Histories magazine.

Pokemon magazine
12 Issues £68.49

Pokemon is an exciting magazine that encourages readers to immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon. The content is underpinned by sound educational values, so whether readers are tackling an interactive sticker puzzle, or deciding who will win an epic pokemon battle, children can learn whilst having fun.

LOL Surprise magazine
LOL Surprise
12 Issues £72.80

LOL Surprise is a monthly fun filled magazine aimed at girls aged between 5-9 years old, based on the collectable craze of limited edition dolls. Buy a single copy or subscription to LOL Surprise magazine. 

Crafts Magazines

Discover everything you need to keep entertained with our huge range of craft magazines. Find easy step-by-step guides, knitting and sewing patterns, craft ideas, DIY projects, complex designs and so much more. Create, discover and improve with the help of our arts and crafts magazines.

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Love Craft magazine
Love Craft
12 Issues £129.01

This is a great monthly magazine series, covering all things craft! Buy a single copy or subscription to Love Craft magazine.  

Prima Makes magazine
Prima Makes
4 Issues £59.00

Prima Makes magazine is packed with stunning creatives covering all skill levels and a huge variety of crafts and projects for your home from crochet to cardmaking. 

Inside Crochet magazine
Inside Crochet
12 Issues £55.00
Save 23%

Inside Crochet is the UK’s best monthly crochet only magazine. Buy a single copy or subscription to Inside Crochet magazine.

Parchment Craft magazine
Parchment Craft
12 Issues £42.50
Save 31%

Parchment Craft magazine remains the only publication of its kind anywhere in the world making it the premier choice for enthusiasts who demand the full diversity of their chosen subject.

Hobbies & Interests Magazines

Here at Unique Magazines, we have a vast range of hobby magazines from Art Therapy to Model Making to Hi-Fi and Radio, we have everything for all your hobby needs!

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Homes & Antiques magazine
Homes & Antiques
13 Issues £46.00
Save 33%

If you love nothing more than to find inspiration for the home from antiques and vintage trends, Homes and Antiques magazine is just what you're looking for. Buy a single copy or subscription to Homes & Antiques magazine.

Blocks magazine
12 Issues £77.99

Blocks is the title for Lego enthusiasts and is aimed at the thousands upon thousands of lego fans, of all ages who enjoy collecting, building and creating Lego dioramas, layouts and models. Buy a single copy or subscription to Blocks magazine.  

Zen Colouring magazine
Zen Colouring
6 Issues £45.49

Zen Colouring Advanced Art Therapy is the new bimonthly magazine for adults that generates wellness & quietness, and stimulates creativity & the senses. 

Daphne's Diary magazine
Daphne's Diary
8 Issues £23.96
Save 50%

Buy a single copy or subscription to Daphne’s Diary magazine. All new subscriptions will commence with the next issue 05  in July. If you ordered before 22nd May your subscription will begin with issue 04, which should arrive by 5th June.

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